I am moving

The researching and later, packing began in early November, hrmmm June 2008. You know how it gets when things become crowded and you can’t do what you need to do anymore in order to expand and grow.

You might notice things become a little wonky over the next few days as I migrate to self-hosting WordPress Blogging software again.

I currently blog on WordPress.com, a free blogging platform and forward my domain(s) here. It’s been great! I loved my time here. They were here when my finances ran dry and I could no longer afford to self-host anymore. Well, it’s come full circle and to advance I must move beyond. So thank you WordPress.com for the last year of awesomeness!

Little house redesign

I began testing alternate blogging software this week, namely Typepad, and although their service, knowledge base and support systems are seamless and heavily featured I am more comfortable using WordPress.

Proceeding to an open source CMS Demo site that I first used over three years ago, I reasured myself of this fact. I tested the self hosted version of WordPress. They have made tremendous strides in improving everything! I was laughing silly at all the pretty plugin’s and the ability to add javascript and flash in the sidebar!

Decision Made!

I set up paid hosting yesterday and successfully installed (in advance mode) WordPress from WordPress.org (to my surprise), on my second attempt of course.

Everything was going smoothly until I uploaded the XML file associated with this blog. It’s too big!

There is a storm brewing yonder at the house with the giant flower...

An old friend is helping me out today to finish the migration of 572 posts, 2484 comments, 144 categories and 1407 tags to export from here and import to their new home safely. (Please don’t ask why there are so many categories and tags… they are a giant blemish on this blog that still havn’t healed from the last move.)

Gratitude and Hope

I am beyond excited to have made it this far on my own. I honestly didn’t give myself enough credit for the amount of self-guided learning I’ve done over the last three years. I owe many many people thank you’s, namely programmers, forum moderators and theme designers who over time spent hours with me coaching and answering my questions and the occasional frantic email.

I hope in some small way this blog has helped someone out. Maybe not with coding, themes and WordPress but perhaps with persistence, love, writing and art creation.

Wish me luck!

My next posting will be composed in the new house very very soon.

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2 thoughts on “I am moving”

  1. I think that you will enjoy WordPress. In my opinion, WordPress is like the self improvement junkie of software. Yes, it has flaws. It’s always had flaws, but WordPress acknowledges this, and works to improve them, instead of feel sorry about them.

    Good luck on the new era on your blogging career!

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of moving to self-hosting Trey. This new found freedom is wonderful! The learning curve is high yet I am optimistic about the future.

    Nice to meet you!

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