Welcome to my new home

The last step of pointing the dns of http://jessicadoyle.CA to JessicaDoyle.COM is almost complete…

I am in the process of unpacking and setting up. I found a wonderful premium WordPress theme named Thesis created by wizard Chris Pearson that will allow me to grow, learn and progress all the while continuing to provide you with stimuli via art creation and the written word. This theme is extensively supported with documentation, user forums and by Chris himself, and it is highly customizable.

As the weeks progress this blog will adapt and change into what I want it to be. There is a learning curve with Thesis, yet the time away from self-hosting did indeed give me a substantial break from all the things that made my head spin in the past. In fact, this year long break allowed precious time to reacquaint myself with creativity via pen, ink and watercolour.

I chose Media Temple as a host. Their support and knowledge base is fantastic. They wrote back to me using words I could understand after writing saying, I could not import my blog due to it’s size. Keep in mind, that I am not a programmer. I am a novice at best and can follow instructions after reading them nine times, trying to do the task twice, having to re-install WordPress thrice… I did learn however, how to edit that damn php.ini file. Media Temple told me which three lines needed to be edited but not the values (the numbers) needed to complete the import. I searched the WordPress codex until I found what was needed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… don’t worry about, it until you have to transfer 571 posts, 2484 comments, 144 categories and 1407 tags from one blog to another blog.

Mentally, I feel great and up for the challenge of learning again. What a wonderful feeling!

I’m so glad you are here!

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  1. Thanks raincoaster! I’m learning all about it as I go. Many of my links are still broken but they’ll get fixed as time moves on :)

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