Guest Post by Susan L. Guran

January 29, 2009
Dear Jessica,

On a practical note . . . I was thrilled with how quickly, efficiently and graciously you handled our project together. Your skills and talents are impressively evident when looking at your work in all contexts. You seem to understand your medium(s) intimately and were willing to experiment and try different things, always responding kindly to my concerns and suggestions.


I greatly appreciated how dedicated you remained despite being ill and losing your dear cat McGandy in the midst of our process together–not to mention the fact that this was all happening during the holiday season! Everything was accomplished much sooner than I expected given the obstacles that appeared along the way.

There is, in fact, no way I could be happier with the results. I look at my website, and it just feels great to me. Many people have commented on how “soothing” it feels. Given the nature of my work, that is a perfect setting for my words. I love your Wise Barnacle and the way it expresses itself in the banner you created. I have received wonderful feedback from everyone who has viewed it and there is a lot of curiosity around the image and what it represents to me.

The business cards look like teeny tiny masterpieces and so I get great pleasure from handing them out. It’s that simple. I wish I had a thousand projects to do with you because it would be endlessly fascinating to me to see what you would come up with!

Susan Guran Web Banner Design by Jessica Doyle

The Wise Barnacle

He joins me as a partner in extending my expression of service to the world.
His beauty is a part of the offering.
He is the amalgamated mascot of animal/vegetable/mineral.
He is the message in the water.
Our friend, the Wise Barnacle, is both lightness and depth, symmetry and asymmetry.
He is simple and intricate, dramatic and subtle.
He is reflection and individuality, solitude and unity.
He is the soul child of the creative life force that flows through Jessica Doyle . . .
– S. L. Guran

Thank you, Jessica, for continually opening yourself to the flow. The world can never have too much beauty in it.
With Blessings and Gratitude,

Susan Guran

It was pleasure working with your Susan. Thank you for the lovely letter and poem. I hope we get to work again on another project in the future.
You can visit Susan on her website.

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