Pick What You Win Art Giveaway! YAY!

CONTEST IN NOW CLOSED. Winners will be announced on FEBRUARY 16th. Thank you to all who entered :) xo

To celebrate the launch of my new blogging home I’m holding a contest!
There are three ways to enter giving you three chances to win.

The Prizes

Prize 1 – Your choice of a $20 print plus a $5 ACEO mini print
Prize 2 – Your Choice of a $12 or $15 print
Prize 3 – Your choice of a $5 ACEO mini print

Three Ways to Enter

  1. Subscribe to this blog via RSS or by email for free updates. And leave a comment on this post saying you subscribed.
  2. Visit my Art Shop and leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite item is.
  3. Blog or Twitter about this giveaway and comment on this post linking to your published post. Feel free to use any images from my shop or blog within your blog post.

If you enter all three ways you have three ways to win!

Contest closes on February 15th, 2009. The winners will be announced on February 16th. I will contact you by email for your choice of print depending on which prize you won and also for your mailing address. I will never share your email. I will ship worldwide.

Happy Winning!

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116 thoughts on “Pick What You Win Art Giveaway! YAY!”

  1. I’m superscribed, and have been for a while. Love the new art and like the new website. Still busy with math in Quebec until April, then it’s back to Taiwan.

  2. Okay, with three chances I feel confident that this is the time I win something. First, let me say congratulations on the new home, and on the amazing amount of pieces for sale in your shop: incredible!
    I meandered through your shop and I have to say that my favourite is still the Enokitake Mushrooms. It is, however, becoming increasingly difficult to pick just one with so many options.
    Also, 563 sales!!! very nice.

  3. Congrats on the move! I’ve always been a fan of your work, so of course I’m excited at the opportunity of winning something to take home! My favorites are Enokitake Mushrooms and Feeling Disconnected, but truly, I love them all.

  4. Hello from northern Ontario!
    You have so many amazing pieces. I have been in love with your Nameless Ones series for awhile now, but Grace is my absolute favorite print.

  5. Well you know I love all your stuff and it is so hard to pick a favorite. I love the four seasons and I love all the flowery ones like Mia, Becky and The Daisy. Awesome job Jess and congrats on the new blogging home. Love ya doll!!!

  6. Jessica, congrats on all your success. All of your work is unique and beautiful but my favorite is We Florish and The Glass Mug.

  7. Hi Jessica, I hadn’t stopped by your blog in a while so I came to take a look and lo & behold, I’m here just in time for a giveaway! I subscribed via e-mail.

  8. I’ve been following you for a while, since seeing your work at Klausen’s. I love the whimsy of your art, and the fun use of colour! And I definitely have a soft spot for your fish!

  9. My favourite in your Etsy art shop is Sunflowering Times. It makes me so happy just looking at it. Such a contrast to all that horrid white stuff outside my window! :)

  10. I subscribed!
    Love your work, it inspires me. Very glad I found you on Etsy! I would list my favs but there are too many.
    Keep creating! Your work is lovely!

  11. Hey Jessica,

    I subscribed to your blog. I also sent an email about this giveaway to a few friends, I would have blogged about it but you and like two other people are the only ones who read my blog so far. =)

  12. I adore the Baby Shower (8×8 Very Cute Elephant Print), I think it is just the sweetest baby elephant art and I have 2 perfect loved ones that it is meant for. Please add me onto your update/newsletter list. Gorgeous work!

  13. Jessica, I love your art work, it’s very whimiscal. I especially like the colors-somehow I picture them in a childern’s book. I would love to enter your contest. I’ve already subsribed to you via email. Best Wishes with your blog.

  14. I blogged :) I thought I would list my favs for you but the list got longer and longer I cannot pick a favorite. I do like George out of the fishes the best though, he has such pretty coloring.

  15. hi, jessica! i love your blog and your art.
    my favorite (and it is HARD to name a favorite) is Starfish.
    thanks for the opportunity!
    *lisa (oh lime)

  16. ok, already subbed to your feed on my yahoo account, now i’ve added you to my blogger account as a blog i ‘follow’ so you show up on my dashboard and i don’t know where else!

    ok, *1 is done!

    ps: i want to win! i really, really, really, really want to win!

  17. How on earth to pick a favorite? All your work is absolutely gorgeous, but I am especially drawn to “Sundried”. Good luck in all your endeavors! (And I’m open to trades if you ever want to).

  18. Milton The Fish and Day Dreams are a couple of my favorites. i’ve ‘hearted’ them on my etsy shop and already have your shop ‘hearted’

    #2 done!

  19. I’ve been following since I started my own blog, your work continues to amaze. I went through your shop twice, then asked for help…we both love Why why! Like, why not! And a dozen others. I’ll blog about your contest but not too many follow me yet…but one is more than none! Great good luck to you.

  20. Okay, I am back now, for entry #2: I had such a hard time picking my favorite item from your shop – so MANY incredible pieces of artwork, but I finally settled on listing # 16721084 – http://tinyurl.com/dcnlmp – because it might be small, but I think it captures so many elements of your style while still being unique unto itself.

  21. I visited your Etsy shop and I think my favorite is the “4 Seasons Series” of the trees. So detailed and beautiful…

  22. I just “Twittered” about your art! I don’t know how to link to my Twitter comments! I’m new to Twitter, so excuse my ignorance!

    Here’s a copy of what I wrote:

    love_amis I’m entering Jessica Doyle’s giveaway for her awesome art at: http://www.jessicadoyle.com; I already own some of her ACEO prints. She rocks!

  23. The Swimming Fishies notecards have passion and personality, I adore them , they made a splash as soon as I saw them! Too cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway of your fantastic art!

  24. It is hard to pick a favorite because I really love so many of your pieces, but I think my favorite would be Sad Deco Bird ACEO original.

  25. I like the Baby Shower (8×8 Very Cute Elephant Print). My husband loves Elephant’s and this would be cute above his nightstand.

  26. Hi Jessica!!!!
    I subscribed, yay!!!!
    I love this one: Sassy Sea Urchin (8×8 Print) of your gorgeous prints.

  27. I did all three.
    Subscribed to the rss feed,
    and finding a favorite in your shop (which I “hearted” a while ago and am planning to feature on my blog sometime soon) was the hardest… I guess I like all the mushrooms, and the original ink drawings.

  28. The Four Seasons series and Sassy Sea Urchin are my favs of yours. I don’t think that I could choose between them, except to choose which would go in my bedroom. Sassy Sea Urchin would go in my bedroom. The seasons could go anywhere, but I think that near the entrance would be best.

  29. hello, i enjoyed my visit to your shop and had a hard time choosing my favorite from your wonderfully unique pieces with your very distinctive style. finally settled on the The Nameless Ones – Handpainted OOAK Box. i also subscribed by RSS. thanks for the chance to win one of your pieces!

  30. Just found your blog… Looked over your artwork on Etsy and love the ocean coral fingers print… lovely!

  31. And finally I checked out Etsy, which is awesome & I love the “We Series.”

    Best of luck with your art. Have a great day!


    Winners will be announced on February 16th!

    Thank you to all who entered!


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