Where I live you NEED a pair of these!

Waterproof boots

Jessica Doyle's waterproof winter boots

Woolie handknit hat and warm coat

handknit hat jessica doyle


winter shovels for snow

And stamina!

grumpy face winter

To DIG out again and again…

deck winter storm snow

…and again!

Belmont St Saint john New Brunswick

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11 thoughts on “Where I live you NEED a pair of these!”

  1. Yes, everytime it snows we need to dig out. The last snow storm was what we call dry snow so the shovelling was easier but the drifts were 4 feet high in areas.

    The storm before that (4 days previous to this last one) consisted of wet snow, freezing rain, ice pellets and then snow again. To shovel, you had to literally jump on your shovel to break the 3 inch crust that formed on top the 10 inches… haha! :)

    We have a small plow to that attaches to our ATV. But it can’t be used on walkways and in smaller areas. It’s great for the main area of the driveway though.

  2. I like the stamina pic. I live in Minnesota so I understand, although supposedly it’s gonna be forty degrees here tomorrow and I’m sure people will be running around in shorts:)

  3. alteredkat – I believe many of the storms that pass over you guys continue eastwards over us. You hang in there to!

  4. Heather – I always find it funny when the temperatures warm up during the Winter months and how warm we actually think it is. For when the temperatures begin getting cooler in the Fall we think it’s cold even though Spring and Fall temperatures are pretty much the same :)

  5. I bet that the highway departments are better at handling snow up there than they are here. They SUCK here. I had one lane to get off of my road for 4 days, until it melted down. And I live on a city street, not some rural area or anything! I about got into a fistfight with one of my neighbors who wanted to back his truck down the road, and wouldn’t drive the 5 feet over to let me pass.

    The irony is that I could probably move to an area where it snows more, and have less snow related stress. 😛

  6. The best way to handle driving in the winter is to relax and breath and always let the other guy pass first then you know there’ll be no issues with rage. Give yourself extra time Trey to get from point A to point B.

    Our highways are cleared quite well actually but less traveled city streets not so much.

  7. Damn ! I am glad I am in Sunny British Columbia in Feb 2009 ! I am glad that I am not in New Brunswick because according to the posted pictures in Jessica’s website , it looks cold and snowy over there !

  8. Woah, never seen snow! I don’t think I have what it takes to shovel myself out of my drive way early in the morning.

  9. Zulaika – Last year was one of the worst winters we ever experienced. I’m grateful this year for the warmer temperatures we are experiencing at the moment.

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