Just Imagine touching the Intangible

Just Imagine touching the intangible by illustrator Jessica Doyle

You can’t say that you don’t crave escape from the every day, the mundane, the mediocre lifestyle that is your life (at times). We all get those moments where we want to plunge into another reality, someone else’s life perhaps, another world where things make sense and you are not left wondering why; things are the way they are.

In other lifetime’s we experience impossibilities; things that are considered strange to the ordinary person; maybe even deviant.

And by another lifetime I mean the past. My past is checkered with anomalies of crazed adventures and whimsical escapades that lasted days on end at times causing the reality around me to fragment into pieces. Really, these hours were spent huddled on my front porch writing, drawing while being forced to listen to the ever present motorcade of vehicles whizzing beeping their way down 12th avenue on the East side of Vancouver. It was rush hour 24 hours a day. I lived on the side of a highway for six months that just happened to be a residential street, so they say.

Just Imagine touching the intangible by illustrator Jessica Doyle

When all around you is unfamiliar one does have the tendency to reach for and create there own comfortable existence within the barrage of noise pollution. In essence, you re-create yourself into what you want to be or more importantly, where you want to be in this case.

There is no escape into the familiar. The familiar is 4000 miles away.

This illustration began as a small sketch held deep within a journal that holds many secrets. It migrated it’s way onto a 24 by 24 inch Masonite art board painted with acrylic and varnish. I photographed that and began the task of digitally vectorizing it in Adobe Illustrator. The end result is a dream like pastel hued story board.

The Story

Just Imagine touching the intangible by illustrator Jessica Doyle

It tells the tale of a female who meets… entwines with two outer worldly entities. She was a curious one. They were curious to. They touched and exchanged colours, memories and ideas whilst held deep within the chasm of neither here, nor there. After that brief moment of enchantment the entities whisked away softly floating back to their realm of nod with their new found feminine revelations. Humbled by the experience her colour had dispersed into them.

As this is a vector illustration it can be enlarged and printed at any size while remaining sharp and in focus.

The original painting entitled In Searh Of is for sale along with the story board style archival prints.

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11 thoughts on “Just Imagine touching the Intangible”

  1. Very nice Jessica. It’s also great to see you working larger again. The stories, emotions, and lines are so much clearer when you work in this way. Thanks for sharing the story of this one and the great photos.

    Just a note. Not EVERYONE wants to escape their life at some point. I don’t find myself in moments where I want to escape situations, no matter how “bad” they are to the passive observer. I used to live a life of fantasy, but those days have given in to the majesty of the life I live now. This sounds weird upon rereading it, so I hope it comes across correctly.


  2. This is wonderful, Jessica! I’ve been in a state of “wondering why” all day long today, and it makes me feel less disconnected to know others do so too! And journals holding many secrets, they are there too. Glad I subscribed to your blog, now I don’t forget to stop by.

  3. Jessica, this is just gorgeous. The art, and your thoughts behind it. I love that you share where your mind was while you were creating it.

  4. Harold, it read true and sound :) I think acceptance arrives as we age. It’s a learned wisdom maybe?

  5. Karen – Out West I did feel disconnected many days and oddly enough now that live back east surrounded by all that is familiar fleeting feelings of disconnection do arise, yet they simply cause pause and reflection on things that once were.

    Thanks for subscribing :)

  6. Hi Beth – It’s a mix mash of thoughts and process’s that do evolve over time. Thanks for the kind words.

  7. Great work Jessica. I love the way your shapes are so organic and yet still retain a simple geometric quality. The colors work so well with it too, almost primary but more muted and natural looking.

    I think most art is a mixture of attempts to escape our own reality and the need to create our own or capture a certain moment, feeling, event or idea we have experienced.

  8. Andrews – And regardless of what the medium is that is being used to convey that message… actually Marshal McLuhan said it best:

    The medium is the message.

  9. Thanks Mark. I had fun with it… somewhat… dreaming and longing for warmer weather and flowers. With another snow storm approaching tomorrow it’ll be a while yet…

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