I’m Making Art Boxes – Specifically ACEO Art Boxes and a PDF tutorial on how you can make them to

ACEO Collector Box by artist Jessica Doyle

As an ACEO creator and collector it was quickly becoming apparent that there needed to be a standard sized box that people could begin placing there ACEO Collections into.

Recently, I finished designing and listing an ACEO Box in the shop that holds 24 of my signed miniature art cards. You get to pick the mix! After weeks of re-designing, creating prototypes and a PDF tutorial that you can use to create your own box, I am very pleased with how they both turned out.

ACEO Art Card Box with signed art cards pulled out and showing by Artist Jessica Doyle

This Art box will hold up to 80 thinner ACEO’s in soft plastic sleeves or up to 24 heavier weight ACEO’s encased in the rigid style sleeves as pictured above. An ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They all measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches and are a fabulous affordable way to collect art.


Each completed ACEO box is printed with archival pigment ink on an Epson R2880, is hand cut and assembled with archival glue by me. They’ll last for generations.

Artist Jessica Doyle creating an ACEO Collector Box (PDF tutorial)

And yes, those are my hands wielding a blade cutting out a box. The PDF tutorial is full of instructional photographs with accompanying text, a materials list and is royalty free. There is also a listing in the shop if you want me to customize your ACEO Box using your own images. I’ll do the work for you :)

I hope you like the box and pattern.

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9 thoughts on “I’m Making Art Boxes – Specifically ACEO Art Boxes and a PDF tutorial on how you can make them to”

  1. Great idea! I had been thinking about learning how to make small books to put ACEO’s into. This seems much easier….thanks, k

  2. Thanks Beth :)

    Kimberly – I was thinking about books to but I’m not a book binder but do love to create packaging, i.e. ACEO boxes :)

  3. Some of the hand-made books I’ve seen are so beautiful, works of art…hours to make I’m sure…my heart says, wow, that would be so cool to learn, then my head chirps in…Kim, you need to concentrate on your art. Time…wish I had tons more of it…wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t need sleep!?!

  4. Kimberly… If I could go without sleep I’d be a happy woman. It seems my mind doesn’t quiet down enough to actually create until I’m exhausted. I once took abook binding workshop while still in College. Learned about the work that goes into the cutting, folding, scoring and then binding… Hand bound books are indeed works of art :)

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