A friend said these flowers look like breasts

He did.
I laughed, and the name kind of stuck.

Size – 4×6 inches / 10,2cm by 15,3cm
Medium – India ink, Prismacolor colored pencil and Windsor & Newton watercolor on Arches watercolor paper.

The original A friend said these flowers look like breasts is for sale in the shop 😉

And just a note on March 6th, 2009 I celebrated three years of Blogging!
Happy Blogiversary to me!

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10 thoughts on “A friend said these flowers look like breasts”

  1. i lol when the page came up! they kind of do look like them 😉 lol! but they are oh so beautiful! one to many for me but it may make some man out there happy! 😉

  2. dinah – I’m going for the Total Recall kind of boob. Remember the prostitute in the movie that had three breasts? 😉

  3. Love the title; my husband probably would have said the same thing…

    Happy blogiversary! I’m one month behind you, exactly. I wonder if this makes my blog an Aries?

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