Secret #4 – Saying Good Bye

One sunny afternoon I sat on my deck in Vancouver, brush in hand not knowing what to paint. I stared down at the piece of two by two foot freshly gessoed masonite board firmly planted on my lap. The sky was ultramarine blue, the garden glowing green and most colourful that day in late July, 2004. My senses were overwhelmed by the beauty of this environment. I glanced down at the board and at a the light grey shadow there; my shadow.

I gingerly traced it beginning to fill in whimsical areas of enchantment with much excitement and more importantly, contentment.

The end result, weeks later was an acrylic painting called “In Search Of”.

Large Acrylic painting by artist Jessica Doyle entitled -  in search of.

I’m saying good bye to that very special painting this Friday. It was purchased from my shop earlier today. It’s the largest single sale I’ve made since beginning to sell my artwork online.

Vancouver North East view from Deck - photo by Jessica Doyle

And now that it’ll be traveling to the other side of the world I am at peace with that time and place in my own small historical way. It was a beautiful day then and it’s a great day today. I could barely contain myself earlier and had to ask a family member to drive me to the post office so that I could mail Monday and Tuesday’s orders… My hands were shaking that badly.

North West view from deck in Vancouver - photo by Jessica Doyle

It causes my heart to palpitate knowing it’s going somewhere else other than here. I feel happy and honored and humble.

Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Secret #4 – Saying Good Bye”

  1. Congratulations Jessica. It’s a beautiful piece, I’m sure the lucky owner will get as much, if not quite the same, joy from it that you got creating it.

  2. An excellent painting – no wonder it sold. There is something almost aboriginal about it. Fantastic muted colors, too.
    I find it harder to sell paintings than giving them away, at least the ones I really like myself. Suddenly money seems so inappropriate. But then again I am merely a hobbyist, so I can afford to think like that.


  3. Hi Son – yes I find the same thing that it is harder to part with special paintings. Those paintings hold a memory and perhaps that it is what makes them special. Money is an necessary evil to survive in the of the modern world.

    I think of it this way: My job is no different than any other in life. If I was wielding a stethoscope, gavel or hammer I would be paid justly for the time and effort I put into healing, judging or building. Art is no different :)

    Nice to meet you son!

  4. Congratulations!!! I know exactly how you feel; that sense of joy and loss at the same time. I feel it every time I sell my work. Undoubtably yours will be loved and appreciated wherever it goes. Best to you in your work and your life…

  5. Oh Jess, I remember when this painting first appeared. What a landmark at the time of it’s creation and an even bigger one to hear of you parting with it. Kuddos to you for being brave and letting a little bit of your brilliance go off into the world.

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