Introducing the Indigo Urchin & Friends Along with an important announcement

As much as I enjoy creating pastel hued floral and beach themed art there is another side to me that loves to delve into the darker more illuminating side of reality.

Above is the Indigo Urchin, Starfish no.3, Ocean coral Fingers no.2 and the Illuminated Barnacle. They appear as they would in the dead of night floating in the sea or an aquarium.

The Important Announcement!

With new art comes a new shop. will be my new home to showcase and sell the weird, beautiful and the occasional erotic fancies that perpetuate the human mind at times. I felt it an important business decision to separate the two as many of my favorite drawings were being lost within the pretty wonderland that is

And while my first love is the first shop I can’t help but be excited about sharing the many works of darker art in this new location. The Yin and Yang of myself I suppose? 😉


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3 thoughts on “Introducing the Indigo Urchin & Friends Along with an important announcement”

  1. Quite extraordinary. There is a fragility and etherealness about these pieces that immediately bring to my mind visions of an alternate, dream-like reality. Your creatures are glowing with a preternatural light of their own – one could call these drawings dark, yet at the same time there is so much delicate light here. Nevertheless there is something unsettling about them – as if they are denizens of an arcane, spiritual world where one would do well to tread carefully . . .
    Kudos for travelling off the beaten path. Reminds me of the Mike Scott song, ‘My Dark Side.’ Many fear their dark sides, yet it’s an integral part of the whole, isn’t it?


  2. Yes, it is an integral part of being human. I agree with you :) Thanks so much for your kind words about my artwork!

    Cheers to you to! And nice to meet you here in cyberspace!

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