Spring Magnolias – Series of 5 New Ink Drawings

Magnolias no.1 by Ink drawing by artist Jessica Doyle

Magnolias no.2 by Ink drawing by artist Jessica Doyle

Magnolias no.3 by Ink drawing by artist Jessica Doyle

Magnolias no.4 by Ink drawing by artist Jessica Doyle

Each miniature original was drawn with india ink, pilot pens and opaque white ink on various acid free card stock and are available in the Original Art/Aceo Section of the shop.

Keep an eye out for much larger 10 to 19 inch prints in the shop. They ARE coming soon! Because my miniatures are very detailed in nature I can scan them at obscenely high resolutions and am able to print them out at much larger sizes all the while retaining that detail. And so many of you have been requesting larger sizes… hang tight. They are on their way very soon. Likely in May :) xo

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13 thoughts on “Spring Magnolias – Series of 5 New Ink Drawings”

  1. Hi Jessica!
    I just read the interview on the bakery and I wanted to let you know how much I like your work! Thanks for sharing your experiences about becoming a freelance artist and selling online.
    Your art is amazing and I will be checking back often :)
    best! kara

  2. Ahhh, thanks you guys!!! :)

    I wanted to respond earlier to each and every one of you but alas I was doing my bookkeeping for all of 2008 last week. It’s done now as of 3AM last night! And I’ll be slowly returning back to my normal creative self in the coming weeks.

  3. Gorgeous work — I love pilot pens, and I love how opaque white completely adds depth to a coloured background. Well-played :)

  4. Hi, Jessica,
    Love your work. Have you considered submitting one of your pieces to the JigZone.com. You would be sharing it with hundreds of jigsaw puzzle
    Keep up the good work. Norene

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