I’m leaving on a jet plane for vacation on Saturday

And as such no postal deliveries will be made from April 24th to May 4th. All orders placed between those dates will be shipped promptly on May 5th, upon my return.

This postal service interruption will effect:

Jessica Doyle's OLDisNEW Vintage and Antique Shop

Jessica Doyle's HangsaLittleLeft Etsy Art Shop

Jessica Doyle's Etsy Art Shop

All three shops will remain open. Please do feel free to buy stuff while I’m gone 😉

This is the first real vacation I’ve taken in a little over five years. Mom and I are traveling to a resort in Southern Ontario. I’ll have computer access and be checking in on my shops, email and updating twitter.

This vacation couldn’t have arrived at a better time. After feeling somewhat down and restless for the last little bit it’s a welcome and inspiring departure from the normalcy of life. :)


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11 thoughts on “I’m leaving on a jet plane for vacation on Saturday”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I hope you find some inspiration and relaxation on your trip. Keep your chin up!
    I just wanted to let you know that seeing your beautiful drawings helps me through some of my rough days… along with some chocolate, coffee and going out into the garden for a bit (when it is in bloom…).
    So thank you!

  2. Hey Jessica,
    How wonderful for you and your Mum! To a resort no less- Neat! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    Oh, and I meant to tell you last time- your drawings are amazing! And your blog is so… real. and unpretentious. Two of the greatest qualities anyone could possess-

  3. sounds like a great adventure, don’t forget your camera.

    It’s funny, but I think about you everytime I start my printer. You were such a help, and now I’m not frustrated with it anymore. My printer and me, we are finally friends. Thank so much. Have a great vacation, Karin

  4. Unusual travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.
    – Kurt Vonnegut

    Thanks for your list of thanks, yet I’d rather thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us and, perhaps even more extrordinary, your raw honesty in sharing your struggles, doubts, thoughts and hopes.

    Góða ferð!
    – Son

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