So I did return home on that jetplane…

A quiet post of pics to ponder from my vacation to Southern Ontario.

You can see the fully titled and commented set on Flickr :)

It’s good to be home and slowly but surely catching up on work I missed! Hi everyone! I’m back!


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2 thoughts on “So I did return home on that jetplane…”

  1. Welcome back, Jessica!
    I love to travel; I find it immeasurably inspiring. The thing that leaves me longing for home is the need to create. I miss my brushes, pencils and drawing table.
    I can well imagine you are there as well . . .


  2. These last few days I have been doing much drawing. in fact I’ve barely touched anything creative. I closed the deal on buying a house and also stopped smoking. Both very positive things but my mind is full and i’m doing my best to just be in the moment.


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