Set it Free – New Illustration, Giveaway and a Free Print Your Own PDF Download

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I’ll be announcing the winner on Tuesday! xoxo

To enter this giveaway, simply tell me what you want set free
To grab the free download, navigate this way
To win the prize, be the lucky one drawn


Oh… and the prize… number 1/40 limited edition 11×14 inch print of Set It Free valued at $42. It will be numbered, titled and signed on the front and arrive with a certificate of authenticity.

You can enter as many times as you like BUT you need to tell me something else that you want set free each time that you leave a comment below. It could be your soul, for a loved one who is sick to be better or a wish for that dream you had to come true.

You can download the print your own 8.5×11 inch PDF of Set It Free as many times as you like BUT it’s only for personal use (the full copyright policy is in the download).

This giveaway closes on September 21, 2009 and is open to all residents of earth. Winner will be announced on September 22, 2009.

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30 thoughts on “Set it Free – New Illustration, Giveaway and a Free Print Your Own PDF Download”

  1. I would love to see all the locked up gold & riches in the world set free, so that the the hungry can eat & the repressed can rise to greatness.

  2. If all the people who suffered from addictions could be set free and experience clear minds and happiness again that would be beautiful : D
    Jessica I blogged about your Set It Free Giveaway on Merry Weather- this was too good not to share – Set It Free is beautiful : D

  3. I want to set free all the ways I tell myself I’m not significant. Whether it is with my own words or actions (hanging out with people who don’t value me, not taking care of myself physically, not trying something because someone else will do it better, eating junk like there is no tomorrow…).

  4. I would like to set free my fear. Fear that people will never see the real me. Fear that people will never like the real me. Fear that I am not good enough for my children and husband. Fear that I am not working hard enough on my art to be taken seriously as an artist. Fear that I am not doing enough to make a difference in the world. Fear that if I set my goals too high I will never achieve them.

  5. If only I could set free my worries…the worries that go hand in hand with being a military spouse… I would no longer have to worry about my spouse coming home one day and announcing that he’s getting deployed to Afghanistan (and all the worries that go along with this). I wouldn’t have to worry about all the moving and the stresses of selling and buying homes, the uprooting and settling down again and again. Going from not knowing a soul to making new friends and trying not to lose old ones…being far away from our families…worrying about what will happen when we decide to start our own. Will he be gone a lot? Will he even be here for the birth (I know many that were not that fortunate)? Will the kids be OK with the military lifestyle?

    I sometimes worry that I’m being selfish and I worry that I worry too much. But worrying makes you a stronger person once you realize that anything can happen to anyone at any time. I’m almost at the point of acceptance… That’s just the way it is, this is the life that I chose and I’m going to enjoy the ride.

  6. I want to set free my worries about the moment my beloved bird died – I hope she was happy, and didn’t suffer. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there with her.

  7. I’d like people to set themselves free – the number of people who wilfully limit themselves and think it’s outside forces holding them down is sad.

  8. I want to see the child soldiers in Ruwanda, Darfur, and other places like the Middle East set free. Free to be little children who play, invent imaginary friends, run around and make their parents remember what it was like to be a child. Children purify adults….

  9. I would like to see all the egos of humanity set free. That way, there won’t be any fear, any judgments which hold everyone back. That way there will not be any more sad, unhappy souls around, the ones that never realize the magic of life because of the insanity of the mind.

  10. I’d like to set free all the negative things I dwell upon. I know it’s pointless to worry about the past, once a moment is gone it’s dead…yet I still do…it’s very frustrating when I cant control my own thoughts.

  11. I’d like for all to be set free of prejudice. For everyone to have a true equality. For there to be no preconceptions of what a person may or may not be like just by judging the color of their skin, the way they speak, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the food they eat, the books they read, the movies they watch…

    I think it’s so low to judge ANYONE without really getting to know them first. In a world of my own there would be no prejudice at all. We’d all be free to be who we really are.

  12. I want to set free people’s ability to be. For a person to see that they can be what they want by knowing that they want it.Many people don’t try to achieve because of their own perception of themselves or the perception of others. DONT LET THEM TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN’T! You can, with your mind and with your heart. Dedication and the strive for greatness will lead you! Conquer!

  13. This is a beautiful piece Jessica. how did you do the eyes? Is it just ink or did you use some water color there?

    Also I think I would set free hindered ambitions and dreams.

  14. I wish all the women who have misconceptions about their bodies due to the unnattainable “perfection” set upon us by the media , our peers and ourselves could be set free forever!!

  15. By freeing our Egos we can all return to the essence and embrace our true nature of being. The Ego is what causes all suffering. It is what tells us how we should be rather than what lets us Be. Free our egos and all of humanity will be free of misconceptions.

  16. I want to set free procrastination and fear…cut ties with them, so that they will never enter my head or soul. So that I can stay focused on the right things and know that I can accomplish all of my goals and I can make my dreams come true.

    I know I can set them free, with a “Do Not Trepass” sign in front of me. =)

  17. I would like to set free all the greed that exists in this day and the starving and malnourished children that are the result. I find the fact that not everyone in this world has enough food to each each day more than I can bear at times.

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