We Are Healthy – Collaborative Children’s Colouring Book

Yaelfran from Argentina contacted me in late August to ask if I’d be interested in submitting a drawing to the We Are… series of colouring books she produces monthly. Of course I said yes! What artist doesn’t love illustrating for children! And to quote the listing:

I can’t tell you how exited I am about this wonderful project.
“WE ARE…” is a monthly publication, that showcases Etsy’s artists illustrations in black for you to paint or just to keep as they are.

Every month we will featuring a group of 15 illustrators who will showcase their interpretation of a different theme. There will be also SPECIAL EDITIONS, like HALLOWEEN or CHRISTMAS ones.

This publication is printed on 250 gr paper, with a professional printer. It’s size is 4 x 6 inches closed. A very sweet size that gives you the possibility to take it with you in your bag, wallet, pocket, etc.

You can also separate the pages (by trimming them carefully) and have different and gorgeous postcards!!!!!

And below is the drawing I submitted to We Are Healthy of raindrops falling on a flower and a vine helping them both grow healthy.

Etsy Artists in this edition:


You can buy the colouring book in Yaelfran’s Etsy shop.


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7 thoughts on “We Are Healthy – Collaborative Children’s Colouring Book”

  1. Hi Jessica, first of all I’m glad that I ran into your website, while researching about EPSON R2880.. I appreciate your review.. I started a Photography class and that is the printer that was recommended by the instructor… sorta.. since we work with an Epson R2400.. Anyways, I started to look at your art and I think it’s awesome. So, that opened my curiosity about digital art… Being a computer gig… with photography as a hobby.. I feel that this might be something that I’d like to try… Can you tell me what software you use to create your art?

    Blessings, Willys
    P.S. Keep updating your review on the EPSON please.. Do you recommend it?

  2. Hi Willys – I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign when I work digitally. I do recommend the Epson R2880. So far it’s been a great printer. I do find it prints on the bright side but simply by using my original scan file without enhancing it makes my prints come out better. I find the duller the scan the better the print if that makes since? I do enhance my images for online viewing from the scan but print do not enhance them for printing purposes. Oddly enough the dull scan prints accurately to what the enhanced web image appears as… at on my computer.

    I print by creating a pdf in inDesign of the artwork I want to print.

    Hope this helps! Nice to meet you :)

  3. Hi Jessica, how are you? . Hope you are doing well.. Thank for you quick reply.. Oh.. your tips are very valuable… Honestly I would like to start creating some digital art for the very first time.. I’m done with 0’s and 1’s.. lol.. By the way, I realized that should have posted my initial comment under R2880 review and not under this thread. My fault… Please free to it back to where it belongs.. Oh well… I’m undecided with the printer…(well knowing myself.. it’s not a surprise..hehe..specially if it’s quite an investment like this).. Nevertheless I am also looking at R1900.. which is not bad after all.. Thing is, I just want to have the printer to print my photos… I’ve been taking photos for awhile… I got a Canon Rebel Xsi and I’m happy very with it. But once I started to print my photos with R2400…wow..! what a big difference.. Usually my photos would end up in my flickr account … period. But printing them and seeing them in a big format adds another dimension.. So that’s why I started to think about getting a printer. Yet… I’d need a separate monitor too (I have only a laptop). Anyways I will keep you posted on this… By the way I will send you an invitation to my flickr acct.. will be under billyboy (I think..)…

    Have a nice weekend… :-)

    Cheers – Wills

  4. I was wondering if you have tried calibrating your monitor… that might help you with that problem… Just my two cents..

  5. Hi Willys – I actually purchased a new computer a few weeks ago, a 24″ iMac which seems to have solved my calibration problems.

    I’ll look for you on Flickr. Thank you for the invite! And good luck with making your decision on the printer.

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