ABC Alphabet Poster

Back in 1993 I drew this whimsical alphabet poster on bristol board. Sadly, I didn’t know about using archival inks or paper for that matter back then. And had a tendency to illustrate right to the edge of the paper I was drawing upon. The black ink I had drawn around each letter had faded off over the last 16 years. At least I was smart enough to use Prismacolor colored pencils to colour it with.

I spent most of last week re-tracing the black outlines in india ink that surrounded each letter and then after scanning the entire piece into Adobe Photoshop, touched it up fixing any tears and rebuilding missing black outlines. Below are the before (showing the new india ink outlines but before the touch-up in photoshop) and the after shot.

It’s vivid and beautiful now featuring both an upper and lower case alphabet.

This is a limited edition print run of 100 only. Each print is signed, numbered and titled on the front by me and dated on the back. It will arrive with a certificate of authenticity. Each print is professionally printed on an Epson R2880 using pigmented archival inks on premium matte paper.

The paper size is 11 x 14 inches (28cm by 35,5cm) and it has a border surrounding the image making it easy to frame and or mat. The side borders are a little wider than the top and bottom margins as shown in the opening image.

It would make a lovely addition to any child’s bedroom or classroom. Hope you like it! And it’s available in my art shop.

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4 thoughts on “ABC Alphabet Poster”

  1. Thank you Joahnne. It was a strange endeavor to actually re-draw the black outlines on top of the old piece because my penmanship and illustrative skills have evolved over the last 16 years. It was fun though from start to finish.

  2. Jessica,
    Love using the whole alphabet in a monogram, ultimately for applique, but I have never used both upper and lower case combined. You have combined them beautifully!
    Judy B

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