Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful to be alive albeit sick with the flu.
Today I am thankful to have you in my life.
Today I am thankful to be earning a living with my art.
Today I am thankful to own my own home.
Today I am thankful Missy is better and blinking that eye again.
Today I am humbled.

And there is so much more that I am thankful for but I am sick and moving a little slower than usual and must step away from the computer to begin the weekly housekeeping of the tenants rooms today so that later I can relax at my folks place for turkey dinner. Yum! xo

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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. And the photo of the Mum’s I snapped yesterday as the sun was setting it lit them up magnificently. the Mum’s were a gift from my mom and they sit on my front stoop.

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