Sneak peek at the soon to be published children’s book illustrations and my living room

Sometimes the creative work overflows into the living room from the studio and onto the floor on top of a carpet my mom hooked in the early seventies. I love lying down or sitting on the floor surrounded by inks, papers, glues and best of a all a children’s story entitled Something & Nothing, propped up against Missy’s antique cat sleeping basket for easy reference.

The story is written by Amanda Lenker whom I met on Etsy. She was one of my customers. Her mom is also a customer of mine and carries my line of miniature greeting cards in her gift boutique located in Florida. And Something & Nothing is a wonderful story of hope and friendship. Amanda sent me the story asking me if I’d be interested in collaborating, I read it and wrote back YES!

The illustrations are a combination of drawing with pencil, collage, ink, watercolour and colored pencil. Each one is a little world onto itself.

Below are illustrations one to three in the early collage and inking stage.


And a close-up of the third illustration.


There are seven illustrations in total which are almost complete and that I’ll share with you very soon. So happy!

Hope you are all enjoying your day today!

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14 thoughts on “Sneak peek at the soon to be published children’s book illustrations and my living room”

  1. I love spreading everything out and diving into it. I think we become one with the art Shanda when we do that :)

  2. Love this tantalizing look at things to come. I love children’s books big time. What a great way to enjoy your art but in the guise of a children’s book. Look forward to seeing the end product.
    Your style is unmistakable, I would recognize it anywhere.

  3. Brilliant idea..masking tape each piece to its own little drawing board. Genius…why didn’t I think of that. You see when I draw, I have to turn my work and end up with dog ears. This is inspired!!!!!

    Other than that. The work is fabulous as always you clever bean. Can’t wait to see finished. I love collages, though I always keep mine for myself hehehe.

    Well done hun…they are fab and the living room is tidy you lucky thing….

  4. linda – Thank you. I sometimes wonder if my style is recognizable. It means a lot that you said that :)

    Melanie – I to enjoy peeking into others worlds…

    Lynn – Thank you. That is the right side of the living room. I’ll update soon with pics of the whole room.

    Lorrie – it certainly helps to keep the pieces organized and by taping them each separately means i can work on more than one at once. thanks about my living room :)

    Willie, Allison and Alisha – Thank you :)

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