These hands made it into 9rules

These hands made it into the 9th round of blogs accepted into the prestigious 9rules Network. I got so excited that I shared my happiness in the Etsy forums. The following is what I wrote in that forum post as it succinctly sums up how I feel:

Never Never Never Give Up!

Three and half years ago I applied to a prestigious blog network that showcases the best content from the independent web and I was rejected.

Two and half years ago I applied again and was rejected for a second time. Both times with no reasons listed as to why.

I always wanted to be part of that network. They inspired me. And I never gave up hope, kept faith and continued to improve my blog all the while finding my own little niche on the web.

On October 1st they opened for round 9 submissions for 24 hours only as is their practice. I submitted my blog, for the third time and was ACCEPTED yesterday! I couldn’t concentrate at all yesterday as I was so happy!

This means so much to me to be recognized for the hard work I’ve been doing on my blog and business.

Never give hope when faced with rejection. There was a reason you were rejected and perhaps that reason is you weren’t the right fit or your content and focus wasn’t refined enough.

The latter I believe was true with me. I was all over the place with blogging topics when I began blogging in early 2006. It’s taken over 3 years to find solace and happiness in what I publish online. Continue to believe in yourself and others will to. Peace…

About 9rules

1. Love what you do.
2. Never stop learning.
3. Form works with function.
4. Simple is beautiful.
5. Work hard, play hard.
6. You get what you pay for.
7. When you talk, we listen.
8. Must constantly improve.
9. Respect your inspiration.

Thank you 9rules!

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8 thoughts on “These hands made it into 9rules”

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about improving my blog. This definitely gives me a bit of inspiration. I’d never heard of 9rules before. You’re awesome!

  2. Hey Jessica how are you? Checking out your website is always refreshing after a one busy day.. Thanks for keeping us updated and being yourself.. Blessings always.. Willys

  3. I read in a book called ‘The Last Lecture” written by Randy Pausch… that the roadblocks aren’t there to stop you, but rather to proof yourself how bad you want something… Randy Pausch was a faculty member of the Computer animation department at Carnagie Mellon University, who died of cancer several years ago… Ive listening to the audio book and it is very inspiritional. Disclaimer here… I stopped reading these kind of books long time ago…but does not mean that I’ve renounced to any kind of inspiration though.. And yes, well deserved for your hard work and perseverance… It shows that you really wanted it! Congrats!

  4. Willys – Your welcome and thank you for reading :) I’ll have to look up that book you mention. Come to think of it I am due for a new book to read.

    Rahul – Thank you!

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