Dear Apple Computer

I purchased a new 24″ iMac 2.93Ghz, 600GB Hard Drive from you on September 4th, 2009 for $2,149.00 CAD plus an additional $199 CAD for extended insurance coverage. I love my new computer and have loved using apple computers since 1993, when I first used a Quadra in art college.

Here is where the love stops.

I see today that you announce a new-better-faster 27″ iMac 3.06Ghz 1 TERABYTE hard drive priced at $1799.00 CAD that includes a standard wireless keyboard and mouse.

I began crying this evening because this is the third time that I have purchased a new computer from you and this is the third time in 10 years that within 2 months of my purchase you release a new version at a cheaper price point with much more bling and I am not compensated for being ripped off.

The first time I bought a Graphite iMac DV Special Edition 13GB hard drive in the summer of 1999 which was quickly outdated with a new iMac.

The second time I bought a 15″ Titanium Powerbook 60 GB hard drive 1GHZ G4 OS10.3.9 that didn’t come pre-installed with an airport card which I had to buy in January of 2004. The version you released immediately after that had OS10.4, more power and had the airport card pre-installed.

And now you’ve gone and done it again by releasing a new iMac. Seriously Apple, I’m upset and not feeling the love right now. I could use that extra $350 to heat my home this winter and the extra screen space and power and extra hard drive space to create and store pretty illustrations and graphics on. To top it all off, I can’t even use my Firewire 400 external hard drive or my Adobe Creative Suite with my new iMac because it only accepts a Firewire 800 cord and CS1 is incompatible with Snow Leopard.

I’m not impressed, and wish I could stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. You could have told me to wait another month and half before making my purchase. That would have been the honest thing to do.

Three time’s a charm eh?

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11 thoughts on “Dear Apple Computer”

  1. I got burned like this once with Apple, and while I can understand that they do it to prevent a blow to sales when they announce a new product update, it still sucks.

    Since then my Apple hardware buying strategy has been this:
    – Follow the Mac rumor sites, they are most often right and know when new goodies are on the way.
    – Wait for a product refresh until buying a new piece of hardware.

    Also, some times Apple can be generous and except returns, so not sure if you qualify or not, but it is worth a try if you haven’t already. I’ve also heard of them offering some money back!

  2. God advice Sean but it is 45 days too late 😉

    We the consumer should not have to follow rumor sites that may or may not be true.

    Apple has terms and conditions in place to protect themselves. And simply by changing the monitor size they have basically evaded any recourse a consumer may have.

    It’s very upsetting that this is the third time this has happened to me and I simply don’t know what to do…

  3. Oh man, that sounds frustrating. You know the “I love technology song…” from Napolean Dynamite? Some times I sing it with “hate” instead of “love” for reasons such as this. :)

  4. Sorry to hear this happening so often to you! Just to avoid another experience like that and in case you don´t want to regularly check (boring?) rumor sites, has a “buyer´s guide” that is tracking product refreshment cycles at Apple. Just check it before buying your next Mac:

    On the other hand, your iMac is still great and it will do the job – so enjoy it for now!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    This is S***ty.
    I had planned on getting a Mac this week! I guess I should do some homework beforehand. I just was going to buy ‘off the shelf’ but you’ve made me realize I need to plan this purchase better. It’s a lot of cash for “an Artist” to throw about.
    I liked what Fabian above had to say about enjoying what you (we) do have…
    I love your work. I love your calenders.

  6. Oh well.. If that helps you, I can tell you my story… which goes like this… bought FIRST ever laser/dvd player that came out in 1995 from Pioneer, and paid $2,000 USD… And now a DVD players runs for about $38 bucks and has progressive scan, etc… Yeah I agree…read other people’s blogs.. rumors… do your homework about how long a product it’s been in the market and try to guess if they will have a newer model soon. As for the Epson R2880.. it’s about more than a year old.. and now there is a $200 rebate. Yet..I think it will come down more.. Sometimes when they issue a’s a SIGN that shouldnt be ignored… And lastly, you might sale it on Ebay..get the new one.. you might end up breaking even… My two cents… cheer up.. cry no more.. will hate to see you crying..


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