Happy Holiday Ordering Deadlines

Unlike, in the world of offline shopping one can literally shop inside warm stores until December 24th and still have time to package and deliver that gift to it’s special recipient in time for holiday gift giving. Well, this scenario does not hold true for online shopping… however you do get to shop from the comfort of your own home and in return you’ll receive a beautifully packaged piece of artwork delivered right to your door.

Please do take a moment and read the following and place your order early while my stock lasts. I ship from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and will be making extra runs to the post office daily, if needed (and I hope it’s needed) over the next couple of weeks.

Ordering Deadlines are as follows from my Etsy Shop:

If you live in Canada – December 15th
If you live in the United States – December 5th
If you live in Australia or New Zealand – November 28th
If you live in Asia – November 28th
If you live in Africa – November 20th
If you live in South America – November 20th
If you live in Central America – November 20th
If you live in Europe – November 28th

I do offer Expedited, Xpress and Priority Shipping if you miss these ordering deadlines. Simply contact me on Etsy for the applicable rates to your country of residence and I’ll adjust the shipping on the listing(s) you would like to order. Anything is possible! I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you need it quick like today… let me know and I’ll get it there for you.

Even with these deadlines in place there is an itsy bitsy minuscule chance that while crossing an international border your order could get held up in customs or experience postal delays within your own country. While I hope this does not happen it is really beyond my control if it does. About one percent of my orders do arrive late for these reasons which is a very good statistic and shipping record :) BUT all 900 plus orders that I’ve shipped out do arrive to their final destinations.

My customer feedback is 100% positive and I work hard to keep it that way. Please order in confidence knowing that I want you to be as happy with your order as I am when creating, packaging and shipping it for you.

The main art shop – JessicaDoyle
The darker art shop – HangsaLittleLeft


If there is something in my art shop that you would like more than one of such as a print, card or calendar just contact me on Etsy and I’ll adjust the quantity available for you to purchase in the listing if I have more than one in stock.

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