The shoveling of Snow and housekeeping of home

On Sunday, Saint John received it’s first snowfall. And with that comes the task of clearing of said snow from walkways, stairs, driveways and decks. I was pooped after shoveling, only to have to clean up the house afterwords.

Each Sunday, I strip the tenants beds, wash linens and towels, vacuum, clean the bathrooms and basically restock toilet paper, hand towels and other common goods that are included with the rent. I’ve got it down to a science, after doing this for the last four months and it takes me about four hours from beginning to end to do the housekeeping chores. I look it at as my part-time job. I claim the income from the rentals and pay much extra for residential insurance as opposed to regular home insurance which will not cover you when you rent to more than one person within your own home. And I rent to up to three people at times. At the moment, I have two tenants; one long-term and one short-term and am hoping to have another tenant by mid-next week who is coming to Saint John from Montreal for a work contract.

By doing it by the book, I am able to claim a percentage of all cleaning supplies, toilet paper, heating, power, cable, internet, furniture, bedding etc that the tenants use. On top of that, because I run and operate a business within this home I needed additional business insurance and therefore can claim all related utilities, basically a 1/4 of the main floor of the house. I can claim about 4/5 of my home as business due to the rental and art business combined, and do pay dearly for the insurance of both. The paperwork of running two businesses is a another job unto itself!

I raised the rents from $125 per week to $150 per week as the expenses were a bit more than I initially calculated. However, when compared to other room rentals available within the city my rooms are on the higher end of renting but they are legal, clean, bright, spacious and well maintained.

And I guess, that is what matters.

Needless to say, come late Sunday night I was exhausted after shoveling snow for two and half hours and then cleaning house for four hours, as both are very labour intensive. I definitely do not need a gym membership.

Begin RANT – I was just today declined for life insurance. Don’t ever get Crohn’s disease and/or mental health or addiction issues as you will be declined if you are self-employed and single in Canada. This is frustrating. I can’t get health insurance and now life insurance to, unless I am employed by a company who offers group insurance or am married and under my partners plan. Thank god I live in Canada where at least health care is free. We do need to pay for dental, eye care and prescription drugs (which would be covered if you had insurance) but anything else is free. BUT STILL I’ve been in remission from Crohn’s for 12 freaking years and clean of addiction for four years! End RANT

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9 thoughts on “The shoveling of Snow and housekeeping of home”

  1. How I feel for you after all that physical work! It sounds like you have your hands full with business and renting! I hope you take time for yourself now and then!

  2. We, here in St. John’s, had a lovely drop of snow too…
    I own my home and rent out two apartments in it…I’ve had lots-n-lots of shoveling to do too! The third floor and second floor fire escapes + entrances! Whew! I don’t think I’d be able to do it the way you do though…I am too anti-social to live with peeps. 😉 Only one cat.
    I will be going through similar problems with insurances soon too. The depression history…
    Have you written, more, about how you’ve come to success (through the issues you’ve had)?
    My cousin has written a book about Crohn’s, Sonia Glover “Coping with Crohn’s”. She is a pretty amazing lady. I have an extra copy if you’d be interested…I could send it to you.
    I hope to be selling on Etsy in the New Year. Hopefully a success too.

  3. Yep! I, too, identify with the insurance bullcrap… I’ve been denied countless times due to a pre-existing heart condition, and can only get coverage through an employer or spouse. I still have bills piling up from an emergency room visit (and subsequent cardiology visits) which occured while I was uninsured in 2005. (I had just started a new job that year and hadn’t earned insurance benefits yet). Arggh! It’s so frustrating. :/
    Although my employers have always offered life-insurance, I would only qualify for the mimimum amount available… I suppose because they think a 25 year old who suffered a minor stroke might possibly die at any time. LOL

  4. Annette – things are beginning to slow down for sales online and i am taking time for myself… painting and such. will be closing my shop for one week during the Christmas and New Years Holiday.

  5. Andrea – I think i may have read that book when my Crohn’s was active. I’m in remission now. Knock on Wood! Good lukc with selling on Etsy! It’s a lot of work but if you keep at it and beloieve in yourself you’ll very well!

    I originally was looking to buy a building with 3 or 4 apartments in it but they were out of my price range and when i saw this house and because it’s layout… well it just works for me.

    Keep on smiling sweetie!

  6. Tara – i had no idea you’ve experienced a stroke. Insurance, sadly is only for the healthy and to be honest I do not of many people who are in optimum health on a yearly basis let alone a daily basis. We all have issues.

    I’m still waiting for the official letter but my broker called to break the news before the letter arrives.

  7. You’ve got a lot going on, Jessica! Your home base is looking wonderful, though!

    Didn’t know you had Crohn’s. I had severe Crohn’s….major surgery have an ostomy bag. In remission since 2002. Also have mental health issues. I feel for you. I am trying to get into a consistent work schedule, an ongoing challenge(add swear words)..

    I am separated and get some help on med and ostomy supplies and some bills, and it is still difficult. Many lost days from bp depression…lack of funds because I am not full time. It’s a bitch and a person has to keep their head up…I prop mine up with a stick most days….

    You inspire me so much. Keep up the good work. You deserve a wonderful vacation!!!!!

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