I finished painting those Christmas balls!

I finally finished painting those balls I began earlier. Five are going as Christmas gifts to friends and family. I am keeping one for myself and I’m also doing a trade with the uber talented Shayla Maddox for one of her hand painted balls.

And I’m aware that the sound is not the greatest in this video. Blame it on the giant pimple! 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you’ll all enter the end of year art giveaway worth $165 of handmade by me goods!


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10 thoughts on “I finished painting those Christmas balls!”

  1. Merry Christmas Lorrie! Yes, I did get a hair cut. A whole ten inches (23cm) lopped off :) My head feels light and happy now. xo

    I’m excited to Shayla! I shipped your ornament out yesterday. It should arrive sometime during January. xo

  2. Hi Jessica.
    I came upon your site while looking for paper mache christmas ball ornaments (for painting). I love what you’ve done with yours, they really turned out beautifully. Would you share with me your supplier? I’ve seen the standard craft store variety and wasn’t sure if you use those and just removed the gold hanger and replace it with your own touch. ????

  3. I am using plain old styrofoam balls Betsy and paper machéing them by hand using brown paper or tissue paper.

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