The intelligence of machines during a recession

On Boxing Day evening I headed uptown with Karen to share a drink at Happinez before going dancing at one of the local clubs where we were to meet up with Lisa and Jilian.

We began walking down King Street so that I could stop at my branch’s bank machine to avoid banking fees to withdraw cash for the evening’s festivities. I placed my bank card in the ATM like I’ve done thousands of times, punched in that I wanted $80 and promptly took my card and left the bank lobby closing the door behind me.

Standing outside the bank’s doors I realized I was only putting into my wallet a bank card and no cash or receipt. I stared in through the door’s windows and saw my $80 still sitting in the dispensing slot! I again dug out my bank card to swipe to get back into blasted banking machine lobby and ran to grab my money. My hands were but inches from that money and the machine sucked it back in! Karen laughed. I did not laugh.

I still do not have that $80 and the bank is closed today.

I’ve got the receipt and I’m sure the security camera caught the stupidity on tape!

The photo is of the Christmas lights I hung in the sun room with a reflection of living room in the door.

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10 thoughts on “The intelligence of machines during a recession”

  1. Judy – This is a first for me. I tend to leave my keys behind when I’m out but somehow always retrieve them.

    Lindsey – yes, many banks in Canada make you swipe your card to get into the banking lobby to access their ATM services after hours.

  2. I’m sure it will be fine. I’ve never done this myself, but I’ve done some pretty crazy things that would equal your predicament.

  3. Cheryl – I could use that $80 right now… but will be patient until the bank re-opens tomorrow :)

  4. I had done that a few months ago at a CIBC but I was a block away when I realized it- ran back and the CIBC informed me that the money is NOT retracted ever and that someone else must have taken it. Out $100 :(

  5. Oh dear Jeff! Sorry about that.

    I spoke with my bank yesterday afternoon and they will be tallying everything up and my money should be deposited back into my account today. They told me on the phone that it is a security measure they have in place. I’d talk to the CIBC and ask them to put that security measure in place.

  6. I will! Hopefully I won’t be so rushed/forgetful ever again. After 25 years or more of using ATMs it was an odd thing to suddenly forget to take my money…bizarre!

    Happy New Year and good luck with your 2010 list!

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