Thank you Shayla Video

This video is in response to Shayla Maddox’s Video!

In late December 2009 when I began painting Christmas ornaments, Shayla began painting pretty ornaments to. We talked on twitter and decided to exchange ornaments with each other.

Hope we can make this an annual Christmas tradition Shayla!

Go see Shayla’s light reactive paintings in her Etsy Shop or say hi to her on Twitter. Her husband, C. Jacob is also on twitter and has an Etsy shop to!

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7 thoughts on “Thank you Shayla Video”

  1. Yay!! 😀

    Actually he’s my husband (of almost 5 years) but still!! lol

    For sure let’s do this annually! I might finally have a nice collection of ornaments to decorate my Charlie Brown cypress tree with one day! So much fun! I’ve already started imagining/planning next year’s, hopefully that means I’ll get mine to you before Christmas. hee. That’ll be a good summertime activity. Making ornaments. 😉

    Thanks so much for the video! I’m hooked on this vlog thing, it’s way nicer to see real live people talking instead of just anonymous blogging, you know? :)


  2. Fun fun fun! I hope you had a terrific Christmas and New Year’s, Jessica.
    The ornament swap is a terrific idea, and how sweet of you guys to give each other shout outs — ah, the e-love! And thanks for the intro to two lovely shops.

  3. Hey Shayla – you are now married to your boyfriend in the post 😉 i’m already working on mine for next year to!

    Cheryl, Sat of the East, Karen and Mchen – thanks so much for stopping by!

    e-love rocks!

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