The painting of the boxes and coming soon – the trunk!

I seem to float between drawing on paper and the need to paint three dimensional objects that are useful. Each little wooden box starts out naked… then I clothe it in Gesso and let it dry and harden overnight and upon waking, sand it smooth before decorating it’s skin.

When my mind is restless and full, it seems to gravitate towards painting freehand patterns to work those repetitive and occasionally obsessive thoughts out of my head. It’s gratifying to see a flirty flower, then pattern emerge stroke after stroke contouring the box surface.

When the pattern is complete I varnish it three times for good luck!

Each little box measures about 1 1/2″ – 2 11/16″ (4cm – 6,9cm).

Recently, I commissioned my father to build 10 trunks for me. These trunks are the old antique style trunks. They measure about 12 to 16 inches in width and are made from his own pattern. I’ll be painting larger and more one of a kind items this year. The trunk pictured below is one Dad built for me about 15 years ago!

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4 thoughts on “The painting of the boxes and coming soon – the trunk!”

  1. I’m jealous. That trunk is gorgeous! My dad made my sister and I wash stands for Christmas one year. It’s fantastic to have something that looks so old, but made by my dad to display an antique bowl and pitcher set!

    And your boxes are great too, I just got so wrapped up in the trunk/chest!!

  2. You do such beautiful work Jessica I love your “restless mind,” always something new and exciting to peep at. The trunk your dad made is simply gorgeous, what a wonderful keepsake that you’ll have forever. Very sweet!

  3. Thanks Chery and Betty! I’ll be posting the trunks ater Dad gets them made. He’ll be making two sizes.

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