Seasonal Kaleidoscopes or Why I Like Winter

Each Winter I seem to migrate no hibernate into my dreams, put paint brush to hand and begin painting floral and embellished little artworks. Stroke after stroke I load the paintbrush and simply paint. I think it dawned on me that much of my recent angst was due to not letting my mind flow freely and for me that means creating sometimes anything.

While living in Vancouver I dearly missed Winter and the quietness it brought about. The seasons their blend into each other with Winter being but a blip of minor cold and incessant rain in December and January. There is no distinct separation of Fall to Winter and then Winter to Spring. And this really affected my psyche, as for 30 years I was acclimatized to distinct seasonal separations and time lapses. That first year I remember thinking when does Winter start or end for that matter? And when does Spring arrive? Yes, the Magnolia’s and Cherry tree blossom’s bloomed but the grass was green in February when I arrived, and it was 11º Celsius when I a stepped off the plane in a bulky Winter coat thinking I’ve arrived in paradise. Is this really Canada?

In later years I was able to plant and grow vegetables outside in March on my rooftop deck. It blew my mind away. I do miss that. I don’t miss the 45 day stretches of grey skies and rain nor the associated dampness. It may be colder here in Saint John, NB during Winter but we do get sunshine every week and sometimes for days on end in between the snow, rain, sleet, slush, freezing rain, flurries and blizzards. It’s a year round kaleidoscope of weather here!

Last week Saint John saw it’s temperatures rise into the double digits while this week we are plummeting into the Antarctic again. But it’s sunny outside and warm in my studio. I finished painting these little boxes the other day.

If I got to choose, I’d live in Saint John from September to April and in Vancouver from May to August. Who knows… someday I might just do that.

Set of Three Boxes
Large box – 2 11/16 by 2 5/8 inches (68mm by 66mm)
Medium Box – 2 1/8 by 1 5/8 inches (55mm by 41mm)
Small Box – 1 1/2 by 1 inch (39mm by 26mm)

Medium – Gesso, sandpaper, Kroma Acrylic and Delta Ceramcoat Clear Indoor Varnish on hardwood

If you could live in two different places where would you live and why? Does the weather or season affect your creativity?

The set of handpainted boxes shown in the blog post are listed in my Etsy Art Shop for sale. Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Seasonal Kaleidoscopes or Why I Like Winter”

  1. Your boxes turned out amazing!!!
    Me personally I love the seasons change especially the Autumn weather with the beautiful foliage in burgundsy, oranges, yellows, and reds. Honestly thats my absolute favorite but I also love driving a convertible and digging in the garden in the warmer months. So once again all the seasons I suppose. Just as long as it only snows no more than four times in the winter. However I could have a condo/loft in the city and a cottage in the country. That I traveled back in forth too.

  2. Funny you should ask…I finished a book the other day and one of the characters mentioned a cottage on a couple of acres called Dunroamin’ I have this vision of a place like this, that’s called something, Dunroamin made me laugh. I’m rambling here as I have no idea where I would like this cottage on a couple of acres to be.
    Guess I’m at a point in my life where the four walls and surrounding grass are more important than the location. I’m in Texas right now and can’t say I love it. We’re either very hot and dry or cold and windy. I’m not fond of snow…I’ll ponder this for awhile. When I figure it out, I’ll catch you up.
    In the meantime…I also need to go rediscover my paint brushes. Love your boxes….if my art were selling…I’d buy them! in a heartbeat, love boxes…something myterious about them, even magical. Kimberly

  3. The boxes are beautiful! They remind me a bit of Pennsylvania Dutch style decorative painting (which is really Pennsylvania German). Oh yes, the seasons affect my creativity. I notice the colors I choose change with the seasons and even the daily weather.
    I think living two different places is in my future at some point! Here in Pennsylvania in the US and I don’t know where else yet. Someplace with a lively arts and restaurant scene, where I wouldn’t have to drive to get everywhere perhaps? It’s nice to dream :)

  4. Gorgeous boxes! Just too pretty for words!

    I would LOVE to live in two different places. In fact, it’s my lottery plan. From January to mid-April, I’d live in a hotel attached to the Underground City in Montreal. Then I wouldn’t have to go outside the entire time if I didn’t want to! Tunnels, metro, museums, shopping — all self-contained. Sounds like heaven to me!

    But I do love Saint John and would be here the rest of the time. It’s just home! :)

  5. Your boxes are so cool – I love the detail in them and the colors.

    I live in Missouri and we have four seasons. My favorite is Fall. I love everything about it, the colors of the leaves and the bluest of blue skies. I love the cool air and the smell of the leaves on the ground. Next I love Spring. In fact, most of my perfect moments happen in the spring when I’m sitting on the couch, reading, with the windows open. A warm breeze comes through the windows and if the house is quiet (quiet is always part of a perfect moment for me), I’ll stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath and thank God for that perfect moment.

    I’m finding that the older I get, the more I desire mild weather. I think I would be happiest with sunny weather with temperatures between 40F and 80 F. I would miss distinct seasons though.

    The thing that effects my creativity and my sense of well being, is sunshine. If we are having a gray winter, it really knocks me out. I just want to crawl under a rock until the sun comes out again. I’ve been more sensitive to lack of sun over the past few years – pretty much since I became a stay at home mom.

  6. TheRichAnt – Fall is brilliant here in the Maritimes. I missed the extreme change of colours while living in Vancouver for four years. I’d love a loft in Vancouver around the Commercial Drive or Main Street area.

  7. Karen – Vancouver is like what you describe. The East Side is all arts, restaurants and walking distance to most if not all amenities.

    My use of colour changes to with the colour of the skies and moods each season seems to bring about.

  8. KJ McLean – There’s an underground city in Montreal? I must see this! I love Saint John to :)

  9. Laura – I must remember to do what you wrote to:

    I’ll stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath and thank God for that perfect moment.

    I think that is why i prefer Saint John in the Winter even though it can get frightfully cold we do get sunshine on a weekly basis.

  10. Jessica,
    Amazing painting on ceramic!!! Just beautiful.
    I am Mexican today living in Philadelphia. On my fist year in US my body suffered tremendously from the seasonal effects, hard and cold winter, and the humidity penetrating made me sick, as you I was 30 years acclimated to Mexico City weather that is fresh and nice. Two winters ago through art I decided to start to appreciate a new reality and new situation for me. Especially last and this winter explore with teh camera and experiment with light to discover that winter has many faces, the results of that mind change has been precious.

    My friend Aura who is a painter encouraged me to continue exploring and opening the eyes to light. As a result impressionist pieces has come out in photography (that is my main art expression).

    Hope you will enjoy this small token of the material that I will continue developing, printing and working on.

    Have a great day!!!


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