Artist Tip #22 – Just Doodle

Sometime last year I updated my Facebook account saying something along the lines that I couldn’t draw and wasn’t finding any inspiration in life. A cousin of mine, Marc, commented on that Facebook update by simply stating “Doodle”. This is one of those times when I wish Facebook had an internal update search engine as I can’t and will not go back through hundreds of Facebook updates to find Marc’s comment. That word though, and comment have stuck with me when I feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to be productive.

These are some recent doodles. Don’t laugh or do laugh but they are what’s coming out on paper at the moment. They were created with india ink, pen and/or acrylic on acid and lignon free coloured papers and measure 8.5 by 11 inches (21.5cm by 28cm).

I think we as artists get too concerned with what the end product, piece or artwork will be instead of just enjoying the act of getting there. I’m honestly having one of the best weeks creatively speaking in a long time with regards to writing, drawing and painting. I attribute this to the Doodle!

There’s a book out there entitled the Doodle Dictionary written by Nancy Nelson and Alice Landry (Circa 1992). I bought this book while attending UNBSJ in 1992. It is a black and white notepad style 4 3/8 by 7 5/16 inch ‘A’ to ‘Z’ illustrated (doodled) dictionary of common doodles and their meanings. I just discovered that my little doodle dictionary is likely worth a lot of money. LOL! Do a search for it on Amazon or Ebay. The book is selling for sometimes $190.00 but can be found for as little as $5.00!

My copy is even marked up with red edit and grammar corrections that I’ve scribbled into it over the years and other insight’s that I discovered about doodles adding the context of the book. My copy is not for sale.

Anyhow… it is an adorable little book :)

What do you find yourself doodling?

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4 thoughts on “Artist Tip #22 – Just Doodle”

  1. I just posted my latest doodle on my blog last night. I find doodling to be very therapeutic. I can doodle and think and focus all at the same time. Sometimes I say prayers (in my head) while I’m doodling, which helps me relax and work out things that are bothering me.

    I’ve been feeling kind of uninspired lately, but I’ve been happy with the doodles I come up with. It’s nice to not have the pressure of making something that looks good.

  2. I like how your doodles have turned out you have actually inspired me to explore the freeness of not exactly creating a realistic image and to just play around with lines, curves, shapes and colors. I say keep up the daily doodling and happy creating.

  3. TheRichAnt – thank you. I love seeing how colour works together. I always find that after an intense week or two of doodling that those doodles lead to much more refined pieces sometimes sooner than later. Happy creating to you to!

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