Draw Anything But Flowers

In an attempt to steer away from drawing flowers I told myself to draw anything but flowers.

It was NOT easy.

Size – 8.5 by 11
Medium – India Ink on acid and lignin free paper

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11 thoughts on “Draw Anything But Flowers”

  1. Thanks Eleonora

    I have such a difficult time drawing anything but soft lines. I’m trying to think outside of the box so to speak by exercising my brain to do other things.

  2. Kreativlink – I did the best I could đŸ˜‰

    Jennifer and KJ – agreed! Flowers are just so pretty to create.

  3. Flowers aren’t even my signature art subject, and I still have a hard time doodling anything but flowers! They lend themselves well to doodling!

    I love this exercise – I so often forget to just play.

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