Playing with colour and varnish and strolling the aisles

Size – 8.5 by 11 inches (21.5cm by 27.8cm)
Medium – Acrylic with varnish on acid and lignin free paper

I drove to Michaels one snowy day not to long ago and perused their isles of dream’s. I really did get lost that evening in that store, along with the other 12 or so women and a few men who had ventured out into the cold. It’s funny how in an art store it’s so quiet. It’s akin to walking into a library.

You open the door… you walk in and instantly smile. La-te-da.

Grabbing a shopping cart you pander to the area first that initially you made your way to the art store for in the beginning, when that thought struck that you needed something no wanted those wooden beads and paper to paint on.

You meet another person in the isle and she smiles and you just know how happy and serene they are feeling to. It’s like being inside a loop that every so often you reach out of to touch an archival pen or pick up that earth toned paper pack wrapped in plastic that you ever so gently peel the corner away from in order to feel the texture and weight of the paper and peek around to make sure an employee doesn’t catch you. Then you turn the pack over and read the fine print; the details on weight, colour and manufacturing and wonder what dreams you’d create on it’s surface and gently lay the pack into your cart.

After a half hour your cart is filling up with beads, wooden boxes, paper, pens, coloured pencils, varnish, blades, twine and other little odds and ends that you need.

You proceed to check-out adding up in your head how much this will cost you. Good art supplies are not cheap. Then you dig out any coupons you clipped or printed out to help offset the final total. You pay the $88.54 and walk out the door, drive home and unpack the bag of treasures you purchased until the day comes when you sit down and use them.

That is where I find myself today. Using the art supplies. Sometimes it’s not what you are creating that is important but the joy that you find in playing and practicing and honing your skills for when you are inpsired to create a finished work.

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5 thoughts on “Playing with colour and varnish and strolling the aisles”

  1. LOL When I first saw the title, I thought you were playing with colors and varnish IN the aisles! I was thinking, “Uh-oh, what creative vandalism is Jess wreaking on the shelves, the floor, the cart?” 😀

  2. I totally know the feeling. When I walk into Pearl Art Store, Sam Flax or any Art Supply Store, I feel like I’m in a candy store. I smile like a little child. I love the feeling.

    I don’t practice enough.

  3. Oh, that certainly takes me back. I can still remember the smell of walking into the art studio in college. As soon as you would open the door you could smell the turpentine, gesso and oils. Oh, how I’d love to go back.
    It was always such a joy purchasing a new tube of paint or paintbrushes, it usually hurt b/c of the prices, but it was a a ‘high’. You know, don’t have Jessica!!!

  4. Tarafly – I just changed the “isles” to “aisles”. I had spelled it wrong! We should visiit an art store together someday!

    Jennifer – No, I haven’t actually. We don’t have those stores here… I only have access to the ones online.

    Shanda – practice makes perfect so they say… I didn’t do any drawing yesterday and i’m kind of kicking myself today because of it.

    Cheryl – College days were the best. My college (New Brunswick College of Craft & Design) had this little on campus art store and I used to love going into it to buy things. There were no art stores only the little college store in the town I went to college in.

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