If you are new to Google Buzz may I suggest…

…reading back in my Buzz stream and reading back in the Buzz streams of the people listed below and commenting on the Buzz post that you learn from or liking it as that action will bump the Buzz post to the top again allowing new Buzz users to see it and learn from it to.

I’ve been on Google Buzz for close to a month now and find it both invigorating and challenging at the same time. It’s taken me out of the safety zone of both Facebook and Twitter and thrust me into a new world where everyone with whom adopted the technology around the same time that I did, have become my Buzz friends. We communicate and share ideas. We argue, we learn and grow together. We made the rules.

These folks will teach you a lot about Google Buzz

Clicking their name will take you to their Buzz Stream while the second link will take you to their blog if they have one

  • Thomas Hawkphotographer extraoridinaire and a man who understands how things work from a user perspective
  • Andy Beardvoice of reason for all things internet… points out fallacy and backs it up with fact.
  • Louis Gray – Reads likely as much about technology if not more than Robert Scoble and offers educated opinions on what he reads and shares on Buzz
  • Mashableenough said!
  • Dirk Talamasca – for the lively and happy conversation within my own Buzz stream and on others. He is the first person I’ve met who really lives in Second Life.
  • Kurt Starneshighly recommend for great conversation and to learn the little nuances of posting to Buzz
  • Robert Scoble – Reads likely as much about technology if not more than Louis Gray and offers educated opinions on what he reads and shares on Buzz
  • Stephanie Wanamaker – Buzzes the best questions of the day
  • Jody Swaney – not afraid to speak up for what he believes in. This Grandfather also won the first giveaway I hosted on Buzz
  • Chaotic Neurons – most excellent sense of humour
  • M. Farber – His Buzz stream is a treasure trove of visually stimulating Google Reader items. He also authors a blog
  • Linda Lawrey – Most helpful in solving problems and for being most neutral in discussions. Sees both sides of the picture!
  • Chris Messina – Google employee and open web standards advocate
  • Angel Leon – He burst onto Google Buzz creating the Mooooooooar Follower rage. If you weren’t there when it happened… well… that content has since been removed. His stream is colourful with opinions on technology and this father to be shares his every day life to.
  • Chris Loft – very first person to ReBuzz my content. He is an artist and musician and finds and shares some of the best and lesser known visually stimulating content on the web.
  • Masha Du Toit – one of the first artists I met on Buzz (YAY!) who is actively using it to. Her Buzz stream is most pleasing to the eye.
  • And definitely follow the Google Buzz Team to keep up with it all!

I tend not to follow people who import their Twitter streams, BipFM streams, MyBlogLog posts or FriendFeed streams or who are simply echo chambers of content already published on the web who do not offer an additional insight on what they are regurgitating.

I follow people who have something original to say.

From what I gather I am one of the few visual artists actively using Buzz today.

I began an are you an artist actively using Buzz thread… if you are one to please add your name to the list.

I would never have met any of these people if it weren’t for Buzz. Keep that in mind when you begin using Buzz and your time their will be most enjoyable. Buzz is about conversation. It is about learning. It is about sharing and discussing hot topics. It is about breaking away from the norm and not being afraid to do it. It is about open web standards. It is about blogging. It is about business. It is about being yourself.

It is about the future of the web and it’s happening right now in real-time.

You can follow me on Buzz here and follow the discussion happening about this blog post in real-time on Buzz.

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18 thoughts on “If you are new to Google Buzz may I suggest…”

  1. If you include that comment link within the blog post, even if the post gets imported into Buzz multiple times, people will have a link to the buzz conversation.
    Google can update an imported post at a later date.

    p.s. I think the link to me is broken

  2. Thanks Andy. Will do.

    I fixed your link to your blog. Thank you for catching that :)

  3. There’s a fine collection of Buzz contributors. Either you have a good nose for sniffing out Buzz talent, or the talent is attracted to you! Well done.

  4. Jessica, thank you for this guide! I definitely need all the info I can get, seems that it takes me some time to grasp buzz. So far have been enjoying reading it, but time to make more with it! Thank you again!

  5. My emailbox is too work related, so I don’t keep Gmail open anymore. Also, I don’t have a public profile associated with my Google Accounts.

    I use twitter more for fun than anything else. If I used Buzz, my editors might start to chat with me using Goggle IM. This happened a lot in 2009 and I’ve had to adapt. There’s nothing more annoying than having to chat with an editor over the weekend, when you’re trying to relax or working on your own things.

    I check emails a few times a day, no more. Don’t leave an open tab. Still, I find it interesting how much you’ve been able to leverage and use your Buzz.

  6. This was a great informative post. I’m glad to know that I already follow many of these awesome buzzers you mentioned.

    As you said, I too don’t like people who connect their social networking streams to Buzz. It looks like an automatic machine and not a person, when someone pulls all his twitter feeds to buzz, losing the originality.

    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post, Jessica.

  7. Hi!
    Nice post. Wanted to ad…buzz is very suited to sharing visual content. I usually have a rule to not write blog posts about stuff I find online – it just adds to the echo chamber – but with buzz, it works to share interesting links. Its like a “human powered search engine.”

    There just seem to be so many people writing about…buzz itself. Maybe as time goes by, that will change?

  8. I’m following you Johanna… have been from the start. I like your photography and conversation!

  9. Have you ever thought of perhaps opening another gmail account Range just for Buzz? I noticed a few people did that for the same reasons that you mention.

    I love Buzz for the conversation aspect though. It’s like a giant real-time forum. I do hide my online status in Gchat though, as I don’t like to chat online.

  10. Your Welcome Prasad!

    And agreed… what a great analogy. Twitter certainly does import into Buzz in rapid-fire succession.

  11. Hi Masha! I personally don’t use Google Reader or other another reader to read blogs. I never got “into” it regardless of how much I tried. I use Buzz, Twitter and Facebook as my readers.

    Yet, I am loving when people share their Google Reader items… especially the visually rich items that you and a few others are sharing on Buzz. Makes me happy to see them for they are posts that I likely, would have never seen otherwise.

    What I can’t read in shared Google Reader items though is posts about technology or Buzz itself unless the person sharing the content is adding his/her thoughts to the post to.

    Funny though, people are still writing about Twitter and Facebook even though the’ve been around for a while now. There’ll always be new adopters to technology so the writing about Buzz on Buzz and off of Buzz will likely continue.

  12. Your Welcome :) I’m hoping to post another list over the next couple of weeks as I’ve discovered many more engaging Buzz streams since the writing of this list.

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