Three personal blog reader emails to share with you

Just over four years have passed since I first began blogging on March 6th, 2006. In essence I have a Bachelor of Blogging. And people are writing to me with their stories, gratitude and sometimes just to say hi.

I thought I’d share a few emails with you that I’ve received over the last few weeks from readers of this blog. They have been reproduced with permission and names changed if requested. All moved me in their own way and even brought me to tears… This is why I blog. This is what inspires me.

The first email comes from a man named Kelly. He begins,

Jessica, you don’t know me, my name is Kelly and I just wanted send you a message and thank you for the wonderful site you have. I’ve been exploring many blogs over the past while with curiosity, since I was thinking of starting a blog myself. Though I’ve enjoyed most I’ve come across, I was particularly inspired by your beautiful and emotional provoking art and your stories, thoughts and anecdotes.

As someone who lives/works with anxiety/depression (GAD), a recovering compulsive gambling disorder and also just quit smoking just to mention a few I can relate to many of your fluent and candid essays.

For years I said I would write, so I’ve decided I would, I made a simple little website. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
I may even do photos.

Anyways I’m rambling, all I really wanted to do is say Thanks and keep up the awesome work!!


The second arrived from a woman named *Tiffany with whom I chatted with on MSN while still living in Vancouver shortly after I cleaned up from addiction. She writes,


My name is *Tiffany– you may not remember but back in 2006 or 2007 (it’s all a bit hazy) we chatted on MSN. I remember reading your blog and getting a first glimpse of early sobriety. I was a wreck when we spoke and finally hit my bottom in September of 2007. I ended up in Edgewood (in Nanaimo) and spent 5 months there.

As with all addiction stories, mine is long and painful and I’m sure you can relate to all the rest, but yesterday I had 900 days and this morning I started to remember some of the influences that helped me believe I could stay clean. Just wanted to say thanks for your courage in posting your feelings and experiences on your blog during that time– it gave me something (and even the smallest thing helped) to think about in treatment when I didn’t believe I could do it and when I couldn’t see why I would even want to.

In my new life I have so much freedom and honesty and happiness, and even though the path will always be difficult, I am glad I survived. I hope that you are doing well, and again– thanks.

All the best,


And the third comes from a man who was experiencing a nasty metallic taste in his mouth to. His name is Carl and he writes,

Hello Jessica,

During my usual morning scan of favorite blogs I read your rant (of yesterday) and feel compelled to reply. Up till now I have been a silent but frequent reader of your blog posts and tweets. Your willingness to frankly communicate, your use of color, and your obvious determination have all impressed me.

Recently my dreams have been especially colorful. Or, at least, contain vivid, bright and saturated color elements which are pivotal to the plot of the dream. I attribute this to viewing your blog regularly. Thanks for brightening up my nights!

I admire your obvious dedication to your art and determination to use the internet to make a living with it. Many artists I know are such Luddites. They may drive cars, fly in airliners, talk on phones, and watch television, but are still wary of their computers and the internet! People need to learn that they can be the masters of their technology and don’t need to be mastered by it.

Last year (about this time) I had a bout of nasty, metallic taste in the back of my mouth. After much searching, I think I narrowed it down to the China grown pine nuts I had been buying at the local food chain. Do you eat pine nuts? If so make sure they are fresh and have been kept refrigerated.

If I lived near-by I would bring you some home made chicken noodle soup, AA batteries, and a funny movie to help you through this late winter crud. But as I live on the far side of the continent, I can only hope this missive brings you a little comfort or distraction.

If you need further distraction, check out my websites and blog.

Best Wishes,

If you ever feel that you are alone all you need do is search for what ails you and you’ll most certainly find others who have or are experiencing similar things that you are going through. Thank you for writing to me and for the permission to share your emails.

Ninety percent of the links that I added to the emails above are links to much older content on this blog, that I wrote during a very fragile and sometimes most bleak state of mind while searching for sometimes anything to help me through recovery.

*name changed at request to protect the identity of the writer

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6 thoughts on “Three personal blog reader emails to share with you”

  1. Hey Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing those very personal stories. All of us who are going through recovery can relate to these positive messages. It’s great to see how effective the web can be for many things, including selling your artwork and reaching out to other who need a little support. You are doing a great job of leading the way, showing us “luddites” that the web is simply a tool to be used as we wish. Keep up the great work,

  2. Once again Jessica, thank you for sharing. My son is 29 and suffers from alcoholism, depression, is ADD and sometimes I swear ODD : D Your honesty is what brings me back time and time again. There are some beautiful blogs out there written by artists, writers and photographers, etc but the one thing your blog gives me is hope. Seeing how you have influenced others (me included) gives me hope and always makes me smile. Thanks, kiddo : D


  3. |Hi, stumbled across your blog this am. Have been drawn in by your writings and art. What inspiration you give to so many… leaving a troubled and painful life I moved here, pembrokeshire, West Wales. Or so I thought. Whatever we have deep within us however can never be ignored and usually turns up when we least expect it. I have, since moving here discovered a passion for working with wire and beads which I hope, over time, will develop. Having tried, throughout my life to find a path to travel, to find peace, I believe now I may have done just that.
    I had a very good therapist who, for eight years, helped me reach the stage I’m at now. She showed me that I can and should believe in myself, much more than I do. Through your art and writings you are doing the same for all those that share your space here.

    Sue x

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