Bethany – Stare at her for a while and some news about an upcoming gallery show

On May 7th, 2010 which is the next Saint John Gallery Hop, I’ll be exhibiting and selling my miniature artworks; namely ACEO’s at the Klausen Gallery in Uptown Saint John with other miniature artists in the city. It is the first show of it’s kind in this area.

An ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They must always measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches and can be created in any medium on any surface. They are a great way to collect affordable art. ACEO’s are the standard size of a Hockey and/or Magic trading cards.

David Hayward of NakedPastor will also be exhibiting and selling his work at the show along with about 10 other artsists.

I will have ACEO mini prints, limited edition ACEO mini prints and ACEO originals for sale. Matting and framing will be available on site to, as the Klausen Gallery is also a picture framing gallery. Over the next few weeks as I prepare for the show I’ll be posting to this blog some ACEO’s that you’ve likely not seen. Some are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. And if there is one you see that you need to buy and it not listed in my art shop simply let me know and we can set something up.

I am also working on my own shop that will be tied into this blog. It is set to open in a few weeks hopefully! :)

The original Bethany ACEO is listed for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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9 thoughts on “Bethany – Stare at her for a while and some news about an upcoming gallery show”

  1. How are your shop plans coming along, Jess? I never caught which shopping platform you decided upon… or did you mention?
    Is it a big secret…? đŸ˜‰

  2. I will be using WordPress for the backend Tara. I tried out Magneto, Zencart, WP e-ccommerce plugin, Shopify, Big Cartel and numerous others and finally settled on what I know best: WordPress.

  3. Hello Jessica,
    I love our stuff. I just started my own business and cant get customers so how did you get your follers and customers?

    Thank you,
    Jessica Harmon

  4. Jessica all I can say is keep going and that it takes time to build relationships and trust with people online. It’s really no different than working offline. Be yourself and be honest and the people and customers will follow :)

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