Last night I went out and used copious amounts of illegal drugs

And today I am paying for it, needing to dose every half hour or so, so as to not go into remission and suffer through withdrawal.

It’s awful. I thought I’d be OK going to that party last night where I knew there would be GHB. Someone asked me if I wanted a shot and I said no then another person asked me again and I said no again. I should have just left that party. I should have just walked home. Then another person asked saying “Oh, Jessica, it’ll be OK” proceeding to explain that he was addicted to and now only takes it when he’s around other people. I caved, and said yes thinking it would be OK just this once.

And just like that…

…I’m completely addicted to GHB again.

I’d be a FOOL to even try that drug again with 1679 days sober off that stinking drug.

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20 thoughts on “Last night I went out and used copious amounts of illegal drugs”

  1. Yeah, I’m VERY glad it’s not true either Jennifer.

    Happy April Fool’s!

  2. MAN, my heart almost stopped until I saw your tags!! Oh, I’m so happy it wasn’t true!!! Happy Easter weekend! We’re supposed to get 21C this weekend here in Qc city – can’t wait for spring! :)

  3. I am a new follower of your blog, although I have been an admirer of your work since I first saw your sea urchin. I am already close enough that the post affected me emotionally. I walked away considering what words might possibly provide encouragement and sympathy (selfishly hoping that this setback would not keep you long away from drawing).

    You got me good! :) So glad it was a joke.


  4. I needed to laugh yesterday and that is how this joke came to be. Life was feeling much to serious recently, and for me that meant poking fun at my own self to keep me in check for the next 1679 days.

    I have an odd sense of humor at times but it keeps me alive and loving life and all of you 😉 xo

    Just to add: This post fooled many people on Google Buzz to!

    Thanks for taking it all in good humor.

  5. Oh nice one! I was just browsing your blog and my jaw dropped when I read it. I didn’t even think to look at the date. Hah! That serves me right for being so behind with blog reading.

  6. Wow! Awah… I giggled when I saw this Sandy. So glad you understand that it is a joke.

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