ACEO drawings for the upcoming Saint John Gallery Hop Show and yes, I’m dating someone special

The Saint John Gallery Hop is fast approaching and I have been busy working on new pieces for the miniature ACEO group show being held at the Klausen Art Gallery. I thought I’d share with you some progress shots to illustrate how many of the illustrations I create begin.

assortment of ACEO drawings from artist Jessica Doyle

All of these drawings are created with Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens on archival mat board that Mr. Klausen pre-cut and gave to me the last time I was in to visit. I keep most of my pens inside a chocolate tin that my Mom gave me. I have four of these tins. They’re great for art supply storage!

I wanted to draw something other than florals so I began drawing wine bottles using sepia, sanguine and black inks while I was out enjoying a glass of wine at Happinez two weeks ago. Happinez is a little wine bar located on Princess St. in Uptown Saint John, NB. They serve wine from all over the world. It has a wonderful ambient atmosphere and the clientele tends to be aged 25 and up.

assortment of drawing pens faber castell pitt artist, pilot HiTec C, Pilot Gtec C4, micron pens from Jessica Doyle

Lining most of the exposed brick walls are hundreds of empty wine bottles. I had had a few pens with me and the mat board that Mr. Klausen had given to me earlier that evening during the group meeting that he held for the artists taking part in the upcoming show, and simply sat and drew for a good hour until my date arrived… if he was going to show…

Now that the ink drawing is completed, I’ll begin adding watercolor and coloured pencil to make the illustrations pop and perhaps a little more ink on top of that.

ACEO drawings from artist Jessica Doyle

And I just had to draw one complementary penis as it’s really been too long since I last drew one.

And yes, I am dating someone and it is rather exciting. We get along famously and there is actual chemistry between us which hasn’t been present with any of the other men that I’ve briefly dated over the last three and half years of being single. After two weeks of dating this guy I’m left wanting more of him which almost makes me giggle and feel giddy like a teenager.

ACEO drawings from artist Jessica Doyle

He found me on Facebook via another friend and wrote to ask if I’d like to go out to this art buying seminar being held at one of the local galleries. I couldn’t go because I had a meeting at Klausen and wrote back saying no, but did mention that I’d be at Happinez afterwords. He wrote back asking if he could meet me there. I didn’t write back to him. I went to Happinez that night and my friend Jillian came by as back up. Then the man walked in and um well Jillian left and I remained.

About once, every three weeks on Facebook, a man will add me as a friend and then proceed to ask me out and 99% of the time I say no after reading their Facebook profile. A word of advice men… clean your profiles up and use proper punctuation and do your best with spelling. I’m not into four wheeling, Farmville, cars, loud obnoxious Country music or using drugs, so seriously… but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t women out there who are.

I don’t normally kiss and tell when dating ’cause there is always something wrong and the first date is usually the last date, but this one is different my dear readers. 😀

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18 thoughts on “ACEO drawings for the upcoming Saint John Gallery Hop Show and yes, I’m dating someone special”

  1. Thanks range… I am happy albeit a little stressed out with everything I’m working on these days. There’s never a dull moment that’s for sure.

  2. LOL Thanks for clarifying, as I sat there wondering, “IS that a penis?” :)

    Like you, I tend to shy away from revealing too much personal info with people. In my case, I’ve been divorced twice already, and don’t want my stray comments to boomerang and bite my ass. Let people imagine the best or the worst, huh.

    Originally, I thought your recent wine label project inspired these drawings. :) ACEOs look like so much fun to create…. would you recommend the mat board over paper or canvas?

  3. Tara an ACEO can be created on any surface as long as it measures 2.5 by 3.5 inches. DickBlick art supply even sells these little miniature canvases that are ACEO size.

    I mainly create mine on Arches watercolor paper, Ingris, Canson, Illustration board and now mat board. I do own some of those mini canvases from DickBlick and one of these days when inspired I’ll paint on them.

    I get worried to at times but it makes think about a piece and now book by Hugh Macleod entitled Ignore Everybody. The sentiment within is so true. I may not agree 100% with everything Hugh writes or believes in but he certainly is smart and 99% of what he writes does resonate with me!

    And the man I end up being with, will need to understand that my blog is a creative outlet and that my words are my own and that they are only a small part of me, but not me. If that makes sense.

    I’d love to see your cats on ACEO’s Tara!

  4. The Aceos are fabulous as always Jess. Interestingly I was just on the phone to a friend who was asking me about them, and I realised I had not done any for ages and ages, and I have a ton of France’s lovely card stock as well.

    As for the dating..woohoo! It all sounds very exciting. As for the ‘facebook hitting on’, I don’t have that problem any more see (and I don’t know that I miss it tell the truth), too old, too married.

    I hope the courting goes well, it’s about time you had some company 😉


  5. I knew there was a reason you’d been MIA lately. 😉 (And I had a feeling somehow that was the reason.) hee 😀

    But also– Yay, love the ACEOs!!

  6. Thanks Myrna – I added some watercolour over the weekend to them and am adding the finishing coloured pencil touches to them today… to make pop and have more depth.

  7. The man is wonderful Shayla… he is one of the sweetest guys I’ve met in years. I can actually see potential and will write more on that later 😉

  8. The courting is going well my friend 😉 He makes me smile and feel good about myself. Best of all he likes me just the way I am… craziness and all.

    I hadn’t drawn any ACEO’s in a while either Lorrie. It was nice to exercise my hand doing little artworks again. Can’t wait to see yours! xo

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