Adding Watercolour to the ACEO’s

I began adding watercolour to the ACEO’s for the upcoming Saint John Gallery Hop. There are 16 new ACEO’s in total that I am madly working on for this show. The final step will be to add coloured pencil on top of the watercolour and perhaps a little bit more detailed pen and ink work.

Artist Jessica Doyle is painting ACEO's in her studio

These originals will not be listed for sale online in my Etsy shop. However, when they are completed I will blog them and give you the option to buy them right here from the blog. You can see the first step in how I began creating these ACEO’s in the previous post.

Life is good! Hope you are well!

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19 thoughts on “Adding Watercolour to the ACEO’s”

  1. They won’t be listed in my shop simply because they are being created specifically for the ACEO Art show 😉

  2. I love seeing the pictures of your studio, with paints & brushes & notebooks & general messiness from creating!

  3. Thanks for the peek into your studio and your techniques! I LOVE seeing what other creative types are doing…Your work is wonderful! Congratulations on the well-deserved feature on the Etsy blog!

  4. Wow! Hi Jessica – I found your blog through the Etsy post… your story is totally inspiring and in your video, you said it’s nice to know you aren’t the only one. There’s something about connecting with like minded folks and getting a bit of support that helps us all get through the days. Thanks for sharing your story and love your illustrations. I hope one day I can be successful like you :)

  5. Hi Jessica,

    The Etsy feature is great! I love the video, your art and all that you’ve overcome.

    Are those W&N watercolors I see? It looks like the Traveler set I have. My last set because I do much better with tubes.

    So happy you are featured. You so deserve it!!

  6. I love the colours you used in several of the bottle paintings. I find it amazing to see the outlines in the previous post, then how you use color to turn them spectacular.

  7. This year no. Perhaps Next year. I am just beginning to showcase my work locally here in Saint John in galleries and craftart sales and thus far that is about all I can handle 😉

  8. Yes, they are Windosr & Newton travel Watercolours. I love them… so much pigment! I have some tubes of watercolour but do prefer using the solids over the liquids. Thank you for the kind words!

  9. I’ve been working on them since this post adding coloured pencil and will be updating with the finished ACEO’s this week.

  10. Hi Jessica! Found your lovely blog through the Etsy article. Love seeing all of your beautiful work, and your interview video was wonderful. Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. It’s great!

  11. Hi Jessica—found your blog from the ETSY video you did. You did an outstanding job with the video!! And, like Dreaming Bear said, your artwork is beautiful.

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