Footprints – custom illustrative work, some process and a little Google Buzz

This is the first painting I created for Marathon runner and long time friend Darren Lee’s new running themed blog; RunDeeZone. There will be two to four more created for use within the design of the site.

RunDeeZone will explore the less talked about issues one faces when running. I like that, and think we as a society need to open up and share our experiences with others so that we indeed realize that we are not alone. The site is in the very early stages of inception and I hope you’ll follow along while both the illustrative work and design are completed.

This original painting measures 8×10 inches and was painted with Kroma Artist Acyrlic on Arches watercolour paper. I used a silver flecked paint on it too to give it some oomphah and shimmer of course.

Custom illustrative work by jessica doyle for RunDeeZone ©

I just finished doing the preliminary sketches for the second painting which I’ll begin laying down in acrylic next week.

And below are a couple of shots showing the process of laying down the paint on paper while it’s still masked off. Can you believe I actually drew the feet out in pencil first! I rarely use pencil but thought it best to do so for this project.

footprints painting by artist Jessica Doyle ©

I shared these footprints when they were in the early stages of production on Google Buzz and boy what a reception they received. The footprints had reminded me of how Google Buzz is an origanic roaming forum and hence inspired me to Buzz about it. The conversation that bloomed from that Buzz post was incredibly organic and interesting to say the least.

If you are on Google Buzz come say hi!

After this project is complete I will be accepting custom work again. If you or your company is need of a whimsical illustration, do get in touch with me.

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7 thoughts on “Footprints – custom illustrative work, some process and a little Google Buzz”

  1. Fabulous piece, the greens really harmonise and it’s so vibrant. I too love silver, and have to restrain myself from using it too much when painting.


  2. Is it ever possible to use too much silver? I have gold flecked paint also. It’s been a great project to work on. Thanks Lorrie x0

  3. WOW! This is amazing!
    your artwork is so creative and abstract!
    I’m very very very inspired by this and I put you in my bookmarks!

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