Hand painted jewellery box – Burst

hand painted jewellery box by artist jessica doyle

handpainted miniature box by jessica doyle

hand painted jewellery box by artist jessica doyle

Colour Burst!

This rounded unique maple wood turned box has been gessoed, sanded, meticulously decorated artist quality acrylic then varnished four times for durability. The inside is sanded smooth after a couple of coats of gesso.

“Burst” is signed on it’s bottom by me, the artist and is availble for purchase in the art shop within the Handpainted Boxes Section.

Box Dimensions – 1 1/2″H by 2 1/8″W (H-3.8cm by W-5.4cm) It’s tiny!

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2 thoughts on “Hand painted jewellery box – Burst”

  1. Hello Jessica,
    When painting & varnishing wooden boxes with hinged lids, how do you ensure that the lid will still fit (after all these coats of paint/varnish)? I’ve tried sanding down the edges after painting, but it’s rather laborious . . .

    with thanks for any tips you may have
    kind regards

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