Secret #6 – Sharing a day in the life

The guilt arrives in waves. For many this guilt is something you may never experience. It could be something you experience daily.

It’s a form of anxiety associated with earning money. That’s the only way I can describe this; that knowledge that one is beginning to earn more than poverty level income and entering into the middle class dream.

I mean, I’ve never had to deal with earning much money by Canadian standards or budgeting in larger amounts each month.

All I want to say is dream, then think of that dream and make it a reality. This dream has to do with money and making money in a way that is healthy, self gratifying and brings happiness or emotion into the world; a contribution.

Sundried Sunflower illustration by artist Jessica Doyle - close up

I don’t know why I make art or write or publish it online for you to read. All I know is that each and every day I get up, drink a Pepsi and go outside to smoke a cigarette, come in, cook an egg sandwich or grill cheese, take some vitamins and sit down at the computer and type and click then get up and walk around, pick up some paper, package some orders, get dressed or shower, chat with a tenant in the kitchen, walk to the post office and back or answer some email, go visit Mom and Dad, talk to a friend on the phone, watch some TV, have a glass of wine with a friend, talk about being single with that friend, draw, stare at the blank piece of paper staring at me then ever so quickly dab the first mark on that page then wonder is that the right dab, the right colour, the right anything… what will it be…where am I going with this, oh look – that mark made something hmmmm happiness get up walk away from the dabs to check shop, renew items, calculate daily spending online and what risks I’m willing to take today, perhaps answer some email, and again set goal of the zero inbox, read tech stuff to keep up with new advancements in technology, order larger quantities of packaging supplies, remember to keep receipts for cleaning supplies (to claim for housekeeping expenses) separate from art supplies, decide what will or won’t work with my business, think about ad for room rental, jump into another site, another OMG get off the computer, cook some supper, cook enough food to last two or three meals and maybe a lunch, sign up to new sites online to reserve my username, update blog and check for new plugins, update theme, update computer software, check web hosting, check expiry dates on flickr, mediatmetple, tweet, facebook, thank customers, package, renew items in shop to stay at front of search within category of 500,000PLUS items… wonder if it works but it does, and so does facebook etc… apply for jurying, apply to art sale, adjust art listing, renew renew renew, answer email, convo’s and facebook messages, wish people would only contact me in one way via my email, REALLY wish for a site that would manage all my sites preferably within the dashboard of my own blog, wonder about uploading art to other e-commerce sites for sale and decide to create my own e-commerce site instead, and I do wonder why the men I fall for are not emotionally available, then think you know, I’ll stop typing as this needs to end, right now.

Sundreid Sunflower illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

That was just one day and not all days are like that. I do take time off but the one thing I’m lacking is a budget to go out with. It’s just not in the cards to spend extra money on going to a club or eating out at a restaurant, buying clothing or other trivialities. That’s not to say that I don’t and it’s not only about the money but to be honest I’d rather be home spending money on art supplies and having sex with them on paper.

The original Sundried Illustration featured in this post has since sold to an art collector in the Untied Sates. Beautiful Archival prints are available in the art shop.

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16 thoughts on “Secret #6 – Sharing a day in the life”

  1. So, today is the first day I am back from my blogging vacation and I look at my dashboard and your post pops up. My life with some substitutions was like yours last week. That’s why I unplugged.

    There is comfort in routine, there are men that are emotionally available, but you have to make room for them when they arrive.

    I know you were not asking for advice, mostly what you will get is comiseration (probably spelled wrong) because as a thousand things lie before me today, I can’t seem to get a handle on any of them.


  2. I’ve had money and then I also haven’t had any, especially when I went back to school. I take it as it goes. I don’t know what I’ll do when my bike business is really going to take off.

    It’s a matter of perspective. I spend almost no time on social networking sites, since I’m too busy with writing for other sites.

    :) I have no drafts from 3 years ago. Honestly, I write almost everything that I publish, that’s longform, on Word and then cut and paste.

    I attained Inbox Zero a few weeks ago and I’m able to maintain it. Once you get to it, it’s easy. Getting there is the hard part.

  3. I unplugged over the weekend Sherry and tried as I might to be productive I just seemed to want to watch movies and vegetate in front of the TV.

    And maybe that is it…

    …there are men that are emotionally available, but you have to make room for them when they arrive.

    Maybe i’m not availble and somehow reflecting that by getting involved with men who aren’t available. I will think on that more.

    I hope you are able to find and do what needs to be done today too. xo

  4. I hope your bike business takes off to range :)

    I’m slowing down on social networking sites and focusing on this site and my e-commerce site over the next little while. I’m learning how to bring the discussion of posts I publish from there into here on my blog.

    I’m close to attaining a zero inbox. I usually fluctuate with having about 30 to 60 emails that need responding to at any given time.

    I use Text Edit or inDesign to write in and sometimes bring that into WordPress.

    PS – those Moleskine Planners never did arrive :(

  5. Radical concept- pay yourself first. 10% of all sales and income etc, goes immediately into your personal account for you. First line item on the budget.
    Not back into the business, even though you love it. Not to household bills, or fixes to the car.

    I like this post, sounds like a normal multi-taskling person’s life.

  6. Hi Jessica!
    As someone just starting to take their own business seriously, this post struck a chord. My days aren’t nearly as busy as yours but I’m beginning to realize how seriously hard it is to do your own thing. I wish you luck!

  7. I actually budget my money in this manner…

    Bills are paid first, always.
    Second is food.
    Third is savings.
    Fourth is everything else.

    This works for me and keeps me afloat and never in debt.

  8. Hi Rachel – the last time I held a full time job was six years ago. I am completely self employed with art sales and with being a landlord. It’s invigorating to know that one’s income is directly related to how one spends her time.

    Good luck with your business :)

  9. Jessica Doyle: “I’d rather be home spending money on art supplies and having sex with them on paper.”

    I love this!!! I am with you on this. Sometimes all of the hooplah that goes along with going out an being social – makes you want to go in your house, close the doors, pull the curtains and just not see or speak to anyone and buying art supplies is fantastic fun!!

  10. Jessica, You have so much going for you. The rest is called “life”. What is so wonderful about getting up everyday is having so many choices. The greatest luxury I have is privacy. I treasure that among everything else. Then to live in a society that allows us, as women, to have choices from which to chose. Good finances allow freedom. A place to call home is freedom to be inside yourself. Being grateful is one big “thank you” for the freedom and choices one has. “I am” is the second step. Don’t you just love it? It shows in all your work that you really love your life and yourself. All the other crap is just maintenance.

  11. Thank you for finishing this up and posting it. I needed to see just how busy ones day is and almost has to be, in order to work for yourself. I have a blog, but I need to be committed to posting and writing more, not just posting pictures. I have an etsy store, but I need more inventory…in order to get where I want to go, I have to put out more work and do more work. Like they say, the most successful people work hard to get to where they are. Did you write down or make a schedule for yourself and a plan, before you left your job and at the start of working for yourself?

    I know your going to continue to be successful!

  12. My plan was pretty simple Shanda – do something that didn’t make me grab for drugs to cope with what I was doing. Well, maybe not that simple but pen, journal, acupuncture, a councilor, a doctor, family and friends really helped.

    Each and every time I try to plan something I seem to get side tracked with something else. I try to focus on the bigger picture in my mind and work from that hoping that all the smaller bits that I do every day aid in creating the bigger picture in the end.

  13. I really like to read your blogs…you are so honest and you write about what is exactly on your mind. I have these thoughts but I find myself being too shy to let it all out. I want to be more like you… Thank you for being you! =)

  14. thanks for sharing a window into your day. i’m still bouncing up and down thinking about the art print i ordered. i love reading about other artists and their human side as well.

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