Shipping art at a flat rate from Canada

Over the last few years I’ve realized one thing and that is that Canadian shipping costs are amongst some of the highest in the world. Canada Post is a crown corporation and not subsidized by our government.

There is nothing that I can do about our shipping charges except that of learning everything there is to know about them.

And as such, after a good talk last week with the clerk at the Post Office I realized that I’m able to charge a little less than what I have been charging. It wasn’t that I was charging too much… by any measure my shipping charges were reasonable by Canadian standards. But seeing as the majority of art that I sell travels south of the border into a country with some of the cheapest shipping rates in the world, I really needed to rethink and figure out a better shipping system that is more inline with what Americans are charging.

In the shops today you’ll notice that there are no additional charges for extra items that you purchase. You will pay one flat rate that ranges from:

$2.00 – $8.00

United States
$2.75 – $8.00

$5.25 – $14.00

You may wonder why I lump all other countries into one rate. It’s actually very simple as Canada Post only has one rate for shipping letter mail and small packets (dependent on weight) to all other countries outside of Canada and the United States.

Eighty-Five percent of my shipments ship as First Class Regular Letter Mail. The remaining fifteen percent ship as a Small Packet or Expedited Parcel.

I really like Canada Post and the timely service they provide. I’m the first to admit that shipping can seem daunting when running a small business but rest assured that it does get easier as you learn more about what works, weight classes, international shipping and about packaging the product you sell so that it arrives in the same condition that it left your studio in.

I always enjoy passing savings onto my customers. I hope you enjoy them! xo

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And with over 1200 sales under my belt, I must be doing something right, right? đŸ˜‰

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