Growing an organic garden cat, herbs, flowers and vegetables

Missy two shoes licking water droplets off of rainbow chard

Missy’s gotten herself into the habit of traveling into the garden to lick water droplets off the rainbow chard leaves after a rainfall or watering. I’ve been harvesting the chard for about six weeks now. It will continue growing well into the fall of the year.

Dill growing in the garden surrounded by mulch

Along the side of the foundation in the backyard I planted herbs. This is the dill with a few yellow pansies in the background. It’s about 16 inches in height now and is close to flowering. I think I’ll pick off the flowers and dry them as the whole plant is edible. By picking off the flower blooms you’ll force the plant to continue growing both taller and fuller. the flowers on the dill plant are where the seeds are created. I’ll likely keep one or two clusters of flowers and allow them to turn to seed and harvest those seeds in the fall.

Pansies petals are edible. They look great in salads and have a slightly sweet peppery taste. Just don’t eat too much of them as they have laxative properties. I usually put about eight to nine petals per serving of salad.

brussels sprouts and green onion shoots

These are brussels sprouts. A sprout grows at the base of each leaf stem. They are about the size of blueberries or small grapes at the moment. They’ll continue growing well into Fall. In front of the sprouts are white onion shoots.

yellow brocoli flowers in saint john new brunswick

Jessica doyle's broccoli!I’m all through harvesting the broccoli I grew. It tasted so good! After harvesting the main central shoots (pictured to the left) and the smaller side shoots too, I decided to let two of the larger side shoots grow tall and turn to flower. After each yellow flower falls off a pod will grow containing five to seven green seeds. The pods and seeds are edible. I plant to eat about two thirds of them. They are even more nutritious than the broccoli! The remaining pods will turn a straw colour and inside the seeds will harden and turn black. I’ll harvest the seeds in the fall and use them for planting next year’s crop.

Crchid growing in the sunroom

A friend had given me this yellow orchid back in early November of 2009 as a birthday gift. This is the second time it’s bloomed in the sunroom.

I’ve been photographing the progress of my garden since the middle of May. There are now 62 photos in the Garden 2010 set on Flickr with the most recent photos being first. It’s very rewarding to actually see one’s efforts actually producing organic and flavorful food, herbs and flowers. Enjoy!

Artist Jessica Doyle's urban garden

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  1. Haha! I love your garden cat! Your orchid is beautiful! I have been killing orchids left and right…I really need to work on that. I have a similar yellow orchid right now that I’m trying to coax back into a healthy plant.

  2. Ginger, I water the orchid once every 7 to 10 days. It sits in a room that is South-West facing so it’s gets much natural light.

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