Summer slowing and getting ready for an exciting Fall

artist jessica doyle's hands

Stepping back and really looking at one’s life to find what makes you happy is one thing while stepping forward in search of solace and discovering what really makes you tick tock is quite, another.

Digging in the dirt makes me happy as does renting rooms to people in my home. Spending time with family and friends is another happy thing in my life.

2010 is certainly shaping up to be a year of changes for me and I don’t see them ending but I do see them turning into more fruitful endeavors; the results of which are somewhat unknown yet shaping themselves more and more everyday.


I’ve been working on the e-commerce site and have people testing it out as we speak to make sure the little bugs are squashed and that checkout is seamless. It’s coming along and here’s a sneak peak of what the homepage looks like.

sneak peak of jessica doyle's new e-commerce shop

You’ll happily be able to shop by colour, collection, material, occasion, price and size. I’m adding products daily to the shop and it’ll be launching later this week.

Oh… how long have I been working on this thing and to actually see it coming together simply, feels good. There were sooooooooooooo many days when I just wanted to give up and throw in the towel. But, thanks to a few key people (Andrew, Mom, Dad, Donovan, Gus and a slew of other friends, family and acquaintances who listened to my programming and logistical nightmares and inability to cope or learn certain things) in my life, I trudged onwards.

Thank you all for the kind words too.

Also, I just listed the 2011 Sea Life inspired Wall Calendars on Etsy. They will be listed in my own shop in Canadian Dollars too if you want to wait to buy it in CAD and not USD.

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15 thoughts on “Summer slowing and getting ready for an exciting Fall”

  1. Firstly….what very pretty hands you have, not like my great big knuckly gnarled paws!

    Secondly, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! You promised a screencap, that is just teaser, can hardly see anything, I want to see the WHOLE thing????


  2. p.s.

    Soooo glad you finally put a pretty banner on your blog, bout time you installed that gallery plug in isn’t it?? Nextgen is a good one. 😉

    Also…sorry to hear about your onion. Tossers!


  3. I’m still using Thesis Theme Lorrie, but the update included the ability to place a banner. So I did :)

    I know… at least they left the onion on the ground and didn’t stomp on it.

  4. Lorrie,

    Yes, she has pretty hands. Always loved her hands :) The rest of her is awful pretty too.

  5. I missed the bit about the onion – are you sure it didn’t just *pop* out of the ground on its own? It was looking like it might :-)

  6. Congrats on the new site working out! Would you give training sessions for other artists to learn how to do this too?

  7. I’m not sure Sandy… this has taken me close to five years to learn, implement and actually create. I will have to give this some thought.

  8. This is so exciting, Jessica!!!
    Congratulations- and I cannot wait to see your shop up and running!
    Thank you for this nice little sneak peak!

    p.s. you have very nice hands! :)

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