Something fabulous is going to happen on Wednesday…


That illusive e-commerce art site that I’ve been working on for months is being launched this Wednesday. For REAL!


Glitches and all.

One can find problems and issues with each and every site on the internet, but to delay the launch date of a site over and over again when it’s only an aesthetic that’s waning and no longer the core functionality that is causing trouble, is at best, both financially and spiritually draining. When working for oneself, it’s possible to find fault with almost anything.

And the hours…

Many good folks are due a huge thank you for the coding help (both paid and unpaid) and for the stupendous mental support you’ve given me over the last year. In no particular order, here they are by first name only… Louella, John, Andrew, Gus, Vikki, Christopher, Donovan, Sarah, Aron, Stephen, Tricia, Darren and Andreas and the many others who read my Tweets and Facebook and Blog Updates.

You all listened to me via email, Skype and in person when I freaked out on more than one occassion. You all pushed me in your own way by providing answers, alternative ideas or in the least provoked me by telling me to give up and get a real job.

About one month ago I REALLY did consider getting that real job.

So, please do come back here on Wednesday morning for the launch of HC. Yes, that is an acronym, and it doesn’t stand for…

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5 thoughts on “Something fabulous is going to happen on Wednesday…”

  1. LOL Are you sure HC doesn’t stand for “Hurt/Comfort”?! A style of fan-fiction “in which one character experiences pain (physical or emotional) and another character offers comfort.” Because that sounds exactly like what you are describing. 😉

    I completely understand the obsession over minor aesthetics… and even the major kind that makes and breaks your whole branding framework… it’s so frustrating if something isn’t just right. There is so much pressure.

    But I think your site will (and should) grow and change along with you, and your fans will enjoy seeing the improvements and alterations you make, according to your mood. :)

    Just be your crazy self! XO – Tara

  2. That is great news Jessica!

    Nothing is really ever perfect, although us artist always want it to be just so. Glad you decided to show us your new site without delay. We will surely give you feedback and help you with the little tweaks along the way. I hope to one day open my own shop as well, I’m learning so much for you thank for sharing.


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