Hello HandmadeCloud.com

Ten facts about HandmadeCloud

  1. The monthly newsletter sign-up works
  2. Not all categories have product in them yet
  3. Payments in Canadian Dollars (CAD) are securely handled offsite via Paypal or by Local Pick-up
  4. Check-out and Registration work seamlessly
  5. Gift cards will be available soon
  6. Flat rate shipping for Canada, USA and internationally
  7. You can shop by colour or other…
  8. This site is a work in progress
  9. Eight months is a long time to be keeping a domain name secret
  10. Digital downloads will be available sooner than later and be licensed in a happy CC kind of way

And after all this, if you notice a glaring bug, don’t hesitate to contact me, or if, you just want to say something that won’t cause me angst about this site… those words, phrases and sentences are most, welcome to.


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19 thoughts on “Hello HandmadeCloud.com”

  1. Thank you Sherry… the domain came to me after a long and late night of reading tech forums and blogs about the cloud and the handmade part is my craft.

  2. Looks really good Jess. Which I had the time to fiddle with my online bike e-commerce site. I had to hire designers and programmers instead. It’s still in the works.

    Yours looks really nice though, good work!

  3. I had to hire a few folks to to help with customizing the look and feel of the site. I designed it all myself in photoshop and sent those psd files to the coders.

    Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your site too :)

  4. Yes, it is indeed WordPress. I tested umerous selling platforms such as Drupal, Zencart, Magento etc and decided on WordPress because it’s what I know how to opperate in behind the scenes and also because I found an excellent developer.

    Thanks for the lovely words :)

  5. Hey Jess,

    So finally the wait is over (for us!) and it looks amazing! Really. Your design skills are really showcased here…
    I’ll have to warn you, though, when you go to examine your stats… it may seem as if I spent 3 hours staring at your About page, but in actuality I was doing chores around the house (and took a shower, popped some aspirin, made a sandwich) … and forgot to close the browser window.
    I wasn’t stalking you, honestly! 😉 If I was stalking you, I’d be standing on your front lawn right now, waving at you.

    Have fun with your new website and make crazy amounts of sales!
    – Tara

  6. Thanks so much Tara, my friend. I’m working on a redesign of one page but as the site is working and functional I thought it best to launch and get it off my chest.

    Saul good about the stocking… I do that on almost every web page I visit these days… just leaving my computer on while I’m off doing something else in the house so that when I come back I can return to whence I left off. 😉

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