6 thoughts on “And the potatoes grew”

  1. I love digging potatoes! You never know how many you are going to get, and you may find one off on it’s own…FUN!

  2. It was great fun digging; one of my tenants gave me a hand to dig the remaining potatoes out of the ground. That is his leg and sneaker in the first photo.

  3. oh my – what a wonderful harvest! and so awesome knowing they are all organic.
    you’ve inspired me by sharing in the comments how simple it was. I will try this next year – thanks :-)

  4. Oh wow, I’m so inspired to plant our sprouting potatoes now. We love eating baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes…. and we finally have a yard to experiment with. Nom nom nom….

  5. Plant next summer Barbara. Simply save some potatoes and place them in a dark place over Winter. This will cause them sprout and by next Spring they’ll be ready to plant.

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