8 thoughts on “And in the garden grew many green herbs and two vegetables”

  1. I just finished setting them all up to dry properly for Winter cooking usage and placed the veggies in the fridge of course.

  2. It must have smelled soooo good while taking that photo!

    Actually, if I am not mistaken, Catmint although part of the same Nepeta plant family, is not catnip but equally if not MORE enticing than catnip to kitties. I have to put sticks in mine to discourage cats from rubbing in it so hard it destroys the plant! But it has the most beautiful flowers and silvery foliage. I find it’s a bit hardier than catnip too. It’s one of my favorites! Did you know you can sculpt it?? I’ve been doing some gardening experiments and it works quite well!

    Mmmm, lemon verbena, another favorite!

  3. How do you plan to store them? Do you leave them hanging, or crush them into jars? Just thinking about starting one next year, since we use spices like crazy.

    Oooh, peppermint sounds like fun… except nobody in the family likes mint except for me. So that “invasive” plant would prompt me to bake millions of minty treats all for myself Muahahaha.

  4. beautiful harvest!

    i made a first attempt at a vegetable garden this summer… was quite successful with broccoli and a few green onions, but everything else(spinach, peas, zucchini, strawberries) died or did not carry fruit (what is up with that, zucchini! i would have just eaten the blossoms if i’d known they weren’t going to turn into anything!)

  5. I leave them hanging or in bowls until they are dry at which point I smuch them into jars or bottles.

  6. Zuchini is finicky to grow… sometimes you need to remove the male flowers and use them to fertilize the female flowers. And most blossoms are edible these days; do a search for eating flowers on Google.

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