Joy to the World – a series of vintage Doyle family photos

A long long time ago, well 26 years ago in grade five I was chosen to play the part of Mary for the grade five production of the Nativity during the annual Bayview Elementary School Christmas public assembly. My mom snapped this photo just as I was sitting down in the Nativity chair. It certainly makes my bum look huge.

Every Christmas as a child my brother and I saved each cardboard roll from the inside of Christmas wrapping paper to play games with. In this photo we are playing tetherball using an ornament attached to string with Lady the collie watching us. It was cold outside remember and we needed something to do. And yes, those are Mickey Mouse and Dr. Suess books in the background.

Though it was extremely cold outside Stephen and I did play outside in the snow until our fingers were frost bitten every day. This is us in the backyard. We piled snow to build forts when there were no drifts to use. We slid down mountains over jumps knocking the wind out of us. And when Spring began to hit we built ice and snow damns along the side of the road in a tremendous effort to stop the flow of water from melting snow going down the street while cars and buses rushed by us. We were busy and had no fear.

Oh and I figure skated too.


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6 thoughts on “Joy to the World – a series of vintage Doyle family photos”

  1. OMG Jess I remember that skating outfit vaguely…I wore it too….lol. I have pictures kicking around somewhere o f us in that. Wish I could still skate like I could back then. It was a lot of fun!!

  2. Awww, such an adorable post! You make such a pretty figure skater, and I’ll bet you were good! Did you perform those axels, and salchows, and camel spins? How many times did you fall on your butt, and how hard did it hurt? 😛

    I played the Virgin Mary, too, in 3rd grade. I was eight, and it was my first solo in a Christmas musical. Scared to death! …..I do have a VHS tape of it, but …*ahem* …*cough* … some things are left buried on defunct technology.

  3. Nice pics! When I saw at the one of you and your brother, I had an instant flashback to a similar situation each Christmas… except that my sister and I would be using them as swords or light sabers… or maybe that was just me hitting her with an empty paper roll until Mum took it away from me… :-)

  4. No, not many twists and jumps… I only figure skated for about two years then went onto tap dancing, ballet and Hawaiian dancing for a year then onto something else… the only thing that has remained consistent throughout my whole life was and is art creation.

    I’d love to see the video Tara! Merry Christmas sweetie!

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