The Medicine of Duck Duck Goose

So thank you everyone for the kind words and for sharing your hypothyroidism stories here on the blog, on Google Buzz and in email with me. The hardest part in all of this is accepting it and thus moving forward with changes I must make to my daily routines and eating habits.

I have many questions and concerns that seem to be unanswered at the moment or are answered in a way that brings up more questions or the answers just haven’t sunk in, yet.

Can I take a pro-biotic with Synthroid in the morning as it’s to be taken on an empty stomach and first thing in the morning too? I take two 10,000,000 billion active cells capsules that contain both acidopholus and bifidus. This has kept Chron’s disease in remission for 14 years and I do not want to stop taking it as it works.

And what about Calcium? I was taking 500mg of calcium carbonate/citrate w/ vitamin D daily and used to take it first thing in the morning too at the recommendation of my family doctor in Vancouver, due to a family history of early onset osteoporosis. When do I take this supplement if I can’t take it with Synthroid? Is it safe to take it at all while on Synthroid? Do I take it before I go to bed instead? Is that safe?

I also take 500mg of L-lysine to keep nasty huge cold sores from appearing on my lips. Is this still safe to take? Oddly enough when I had experienced that black-out in December I also had a bad cold sore and wasn’t taking the L-lysine as I had run out. The night before I had eaten a bunch of chocolate which is not normal for me. I eat chocolate about three times a year. The only time I consumed and craved chocolate everyday was while I was addicted to GHB. After I cleaned up five years ago my normal and at times intense salt cravings returned and chocolate went by the wayside.

I was taking these supplements upon waking with a glass of water and have not taken them in three days. I am all mixed up right now and just need to laugh. Haha! These aren’t serious things but just things that I need to work around as it’s difficult to break a 14 year habit of taking a probiotic first thing in the morning. I do not want Crohn’s to return or the associated torture and ever to experience the invasive surgeries that I barely lived through during my mid-twenties ever again, so it’s out of the question, to not take it.

You know, most of the doctors back then told me I’d be on 5-ASA for the rest of my life and that the Crohn’s would return within five years. I went to an alternative health store and weened myself off of that dreadful overpriced med and onto a probiotic and never looked back. It’s amazing what you’ll do when you are poor and can’t afford your medication or the side effects that came along with it. Now, I’m wondering if the recurrent sores in my mouth that are not cold sores are Chron’s related or food allergy related?

In BC they have programs that will pay for your prescribed medications. I think the program was called Plan G and I was very glad it existed. The prescribed meds after cleaning up from GHB addiction would have cost me well into the hundreds every month.

Before I moved back to New Brunswick, in 2007, I went to see my doctor to ask if it was safe to ween off Paxil as it was only meant for short-term treatment and she prescribed me a three month supply with the guidelines to ween myself off of it as it was safe for to do so as I’d be living in a stable environment when returning to NB. And tapering off Paxil is not for the faint of heart. Really. It’s. Not.

I’m going to miss eating soy and walnuts. And now I find out that I must also not eat as much brocoli too. I eat brocoli! I love brocoli! I grow brocoli in the summertime.

I am reacting well to the 50mcg of Synthroid that only costs $10.00 for 90 tablets from the Costco Pharmacy. The only side effect I’m experiencing is the ear ringing. The heart palpitations are very minor now. I believe much of the stress I felt during the first day was due to starting my period. I’ve had unbelievably heavy periods every second month or so during the last couple of years. I use a Diva Cup and under normal circumstances a Diva Cup only needs to be emptied twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. I have to empty mine up to five times per day between the 12th and 36th hour of menstruation due to it overflowing. A diva cup holds 30ml. My period lasts for two to four days so I’ve been losing an immense amount of blood very quickly. I’m usually quite tired when it arrives but perk up on day three which is where I’m at now.

I want to point out that I do believe in Western medicines, treatments and pharmaceuticals but that I also believe in holistic, alternative and homeopathic approaches to caring for oneself when sick. I’ve always responded well when both are taken into consideration and explored.

Mom said it best the other night “They told me I’d be on Estrogen replacement therapy for the rest of my life after having a complete hysterectomy in my early 30’s. As of last year, I am no longer on it and feel just fine. And you were told you’d have Chron’s for the rest of your life and look at you now!”

Well look at me now with Hypothyroidism! Heh đŸ˜‰

I drew the pen and marker drawing of a duck or goose inside a Fabriano Qudarato Artist Journal.

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4 thoughts on “The Medicine of Duck Duck Goose”

  1. You mention that BC helps to pay for prescription meds. Manitoba has a wonderful program like this, and Ontario has a program as well. Does New Brunswick have a program? I heard a couple of years ago that Newfoundland does not, but I’m not sure if this still holds true.

    Without Pharmacare (the Provincial program in Manitoba) I would likely NOT be on the drug that I am on to help with the progression of Multiple Sclerosis.

  2. New Brunswick has some programs to help pay for certain meds . I can afford $10 per month for Synthroid though. I will always pay for my meds when possible and not access programs unless necessary.

    I can remember shortly after college in 1996 to 1997 considering going on Welfare so that all the prescribed expensive meds ($$$) I needed to live with Crohn’s Disease would be paid for. I managed to not go on Welfare and kept working and paying for the meds with the help of family.

    Emily, I didn’t know you had Multiple Sclerosis. I am happy though that the government is paying for your meds and hope that they are making you feel better. Much love to you! xx I can only imagine how much those meds cost. I’ve heard they can cost tens of thousands per month. I couldn’t afford that either and don’t think many Canadians could.

    I think that’s the thing… the federal government should have nationwide drug coverage for all it’s citizens regardless of income just like our healthcare is paid for. I also think we need a national dental and eye care program too that is free to use for all citizens.

    Even if all prescriptions cost a standard $5.00 or something regardless of what the prescription is. The UK and France have this and we deserve it to.

  3. Hi Jessica~
    I have been living with hypothyroid for many years now…10?12? Anyway- I take a lot of supplements, but now take them at lunch instead of the a.m. Another thing I found is that I am sensitive to gluten (though not intolerant). Reducing gluten in my diet has reduced the dose of levothyroxine I have to take. Don’t stress too much about soy, broccoli, etc. Just in all things try to have a balance. I switched from soy milk to almond milk- still enjoy soy yogurt. You will find what works for you. Hang in there.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with federal drug, eye, and dental coverage! I don’t think that it should matter where in Canada you live (have vs have-not provinces). Once I find the magic key to harnessing my energy stock, I’m on it!

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