May I recommend some lovely ladies for your custom illustrative needs…

…as I am no longer accepting custom illustrative or design work. Below are three women you’ll love to work with.

Lovely Lady #1

illustration illusio creative

Name: Lorrie Whittington
Country of Residence: United Kingdom
Etsy Shop:
Specialities: flora, fauna, letters, website design, logos, typography, photography

Lovely Lady #2

woman illustration

Name: Stephanie Corfee
Country of Residence: United States
Etsy Shop:
Specialities: whimsical girls, ladies, abstracts, logos, dreamscapes, typography

Lovely Lady #3

cat illustration taraflyphotos

Name: Tara Fly
Country of Residence: United States
Etsy Shop:
Specialties: characterized cats and beautiful surrealistic period felines

You are all likely wondering why I’m not accepting custom work any longer. I’ll expand upon that in my next post. In the meantime do visit these ladies sites. They are great at what they do. I can personally vouch for both their work and illustrative integrity.

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2 thoughts on “May I recommend some lovely ladies for your custom illustrative needs…”

  1. Wow, nice way to start the morning with a bombshell! You’re not going to do any custom work anymore??? I guess this has something to do with the “new job” you mentioned yesterday…?

    I really appreciate the mention, though! I’m honored you believe my little anthro regency felines are worthy of recommendation. 😀

    … Even if links to my website will be a 404-nightmare at the moment, because the switch to WordPress from static HTML pages didn’t go very smoothly. (eh, I’m a WP noob….) Bwahahaha!
    I’ll be trying to sort pages out all day… and probably all night, too. Yay for caffeine!

    How are you feeling these days? I guess we’ll wait to find out. 😛
    Take care,
    – Tara

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? This was unexpected to say the least. Firstly, chuffed to bits, what a compliment. Secondly, what’s going on peaches? I don’t think I am keeping up as you are a posting demon at the moment. But, I saw that you are looking for a job. Was this so you don’t have to take lodgers? Did you then get a job?

    I had one thought. You know we are going to South Africa at Christmas this year, and we are probably going to rent an apartment or cottage. I was wondering, if there was any tourist industry where you live, like skiiing? I thought you could maybe rent the section of your house dedicated to renting to a family for a holiday or something…

    Anyway…thank you sooooo much for that lovely recommendation. I am blown away, and truly honoured. What a sweetheart you are. *wibble*


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