Someday soon the word WAR will only be known to humans as the title of a nursery rhyme

chickens - nursery rhyme about war - illustration

And so it goes…


One day, not too long ago
Wars raged around the world
against oppression, against drugs and against the freedom of expression
Dictators, deceitful governments and corporations ruled the world
They devastated ecosystems and annihilated whole segments of citizens and animals
in the name of power and monetary wealth

In late 2008 social networks gained mainstream traction
and the world for the first time in history could talk, organize and protest together
The battle was vicious and bloody in many sectors of the world
Power shifted rapidly
Censored information demanded to be free
Governments could not keep up with the demands of the people
and the last of the corrupt regimes and organizations were toppled on December 21, 2012

The newly formed democracies declared world peace
The Army traded in their guns
and joined forces with the Police
to lessen hostility
and spread compassion and truth for the people to the people

Social networks flourished
and with the aid of advanced browser integrated online language translators
allowed for the first time in history, humans to realize how precious, unique, vulnerable and the same, we all are.

We were no longer afraid.

The illustration began as a drawing for a client but soon took on a life of it’s own as I’m no longer accepting custom work. Fine art prints of this illustration will be available soon. I’ve been unable to decide if it’s done or not so it remains taped to a masonite board.

artist jessica doyle's studio - painting table - art supplies

If you haven’t been following the recent events unfolding in Egypt, you should be! I’ve been regularly updating my personal Facebook page and Twitter with information on the protests that I find online.

Some great resources:

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6 thoughts on “Someday soon the word WAR will only be known to humans as the title of a nursery rhyme”

  1. It’s a bittersweet dream we’ve been fighting for … for a long time. Everytime a war is won, the people think “This is it! We’re free!”
    Freedom will always be worth the fight, but the fight will never end until everyone stops acting with selfish greed, and learns to respect their fellow beings.

    We still have China to deal with. :(

    Oh… and on a lighter note… your illustration is ADORABLE!
    It looks perfect just as it is.

    And although your birds are yellow/orange, not blue, it reminds me of one of my all-time favorite war time songs from 1941:

    “There’ll be bluebirds over
    The white cliffs of Dover,
    Just you wait and see.

    There’ll be joy and laughter
    And peace ever after,
    When the world is free.”

  2. Unfortunately like cream in milk, evil in it’s hunger for power, forces itself to the top of our generally passive, more meek population. It forms a scum on the top that blocks out the much larger, more gentle mass of people. War will never stop, but we can hope for more peaceful ways of fighting them. It’s good to see petitions change points of view. It’s good to see peaceful protests achieve change in society. It’s a real shame that any lives were lost in Egypt, when bloodshed wasn’t needed to see the public outcry.

  3. Beautiful Jessica. I love the thought of this being the predicted “end of the world”. What a glorious end/beginning it would be.

    “It is the job of the artist…to think outside the boundaries of permissible thought and dare to say things that no one else will say.” – Howard Zinn

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